Daredevil: Season 2 (2016)



What I liked:

  • Jon Bernthal as Frank Castle/The Punisher was beyond freaking epic. He was amazing, but also the portrayal of his backstory was so good. I am a fan, obviously.


  • The dark, gritty, brooding, dripping intro and that damn theme that builds with it. I watch it every single episode (provided I can keep the remote safely away from my husband).
  • The brutality of this season. It really just went all out and upped the game. No punches were pulled, and it makes for some heavy, yet very rewarding, watching.
  • The friendship between Matt and Foggy, even though it definitely did see some harsh and difficult times this season.


  • The cinematography is, as always, wonderful. It sticks to the brooding, gloomy, washed-out settings the show became famous for, and it just serves to make this show super gritty.
  • How much Foggy grows in this season, really gets ballsy and takes a stand.
  • How Frank and Karen sort of come together as a team.
  • The score for the show is so good.

What I didn’t like:

  • Elektra. The one word that sums up all that is wrong with this season, and that crushes me. She grated on my absolute last nerve – every time she came on screen, she just pulled the whole season back.
  • Sometimes it felt that too much was happening at once, but in the end it comes together nicely.
  • Matt and Karen come together and then splinter apart. It just sort of felt like an unnecessary development, it happened and ended so fast – but it was nice to watch while it lasted!



GRADE 8.5Ah guys, here we are, yet another season, and man oh man, I thoroughly enjoyed this one! Who knew that Daredevil was going to become the series to keep your eyes peeled for? This season starts with a bang and pretty much doesn’t let up. It comes back with all that was amazing in season one, and just adds to it. I think my favourite addition to the whole show was The Punisher, hands down. Speaking of, let’s get into that.

Right from the off, we have a new big bad in town, mysterious and all, and he is soon revealed to be The Punisher. I have mad love for this character, so naturally I was beside myself with anticipation. The big thing was just to see how the character was going to be handled. For the record, Jon Berthal absolutely nails this character. I mean wow. He is, without a doubt, my favourite rendition of The Punisher ever. He was so bloody brilliant he actually overshadowed Matt/Daredevil, and all his shenanigans for me! He was brutal, unforgiving, driven, broken. I can go on for ages about this, so I should probably stop. I am beyond excited about the standalone series. I NEED MORE!

A major theme throughout this season was the vigilantes, and how they go about getting things done, as well as what their values and mores are. Technically they aren’t being policed, and they can do things however they want. This was constantly evident when Frank and Daredevil were with one another, and their drawn out ideological conversations. Frank is so blunt about things, the realist, that Matt’s arguments of “hope” seem to just fall right out the window. These conversations were such a highlight of the season for me, and I was totally enthralled. There was also Elektra (more on this in a few), who was also trying to (again) convince Matt that her way, to kill, was the right way, and he was (again) warring that nobody needs to die, the justice system will handle it.


Okay, so to elaborate on Elektra, she was the biggest drawback of the season for me. Every time I saw her on screen, I was like this:


Okay, so the mere fact that this woman breathed pissed me off. I thought the actress was annoying, I thought her character was annoying, she did not grow (personally), and I did not warm to her one little bit, though I really tried. Every time I thought this season was set to surpass its predecessor, this bitch came on screen, and it detracted from being better, for me. I swear, she peeved me on a Carrie Mathison level, and that is saying something.

The choreography was really good, once again, though there were a few times were things looked a little off and a little dodgy, but nothing overkill. The show sticks to the darkness, gloominess, and washed-out settings from the first season, and it works. It definitely ups the ante this time around when it comes to the bloody brutality of it all, but this was a definite winner in my books.


I particularly enjoyed how the interpersonal relationships shifted and changed in this one, for better or worse. Karen grows even more as a character, and then there is Foggy, who is totally changing, and I still adore him. Karen shifts away from the legal offices and more into journalism, and Foggy learns to stand his ground. Matt gets seriously annoying at times in this, because he can be really preachy. The addition of Frank Castle is beyond awesome, because his character alone starts to make the other characters question themselves, and that is always interesting.

It was also cool to see that old characters were brought forward again, as though just to remind us they are there, and some new ones were introduced, although sometimes this made things feel a little messy and cluttered. Not a big deal though, because aside from that and Elektra, there was very little to complain about in this season.

What this all boils down to is that this is another fantastic season, a worthy follow up to season one, even though it was held back by Elektra. That being said, it is propelled with a ferocity by Frank Castle. This show is dark, gritty, and brutal, and absolutely worth the watch, I highly recommend it.


Review: The Punisher (2004)

the punisher movie poster

“How is he still alive? I don’t know, Quentin, I wasn’t there. Why is he still alive? Now that’s an interesting question. Maybe he’s still alive because he was meant to suffer more, I don’t know. But how can we make him suffer if we can’t find him?”
– Howard Saint

Undercover FBI agent and former U.S. Army Delta Force operator Frank Castle (Thomas Jane) in involved in a sting operation of an arms deal that results in the death of Bobby Saint (James Carpinello). Castle returns to his wife, Maria Elizabeth Castle (Samantha Mathis), and his son, Will (Marcus Johns).They are moving one last time, and Castle has officially retired. For a family reunion, they get together in Peurto Rico. Crime kingpin Howard Saint (John Travolta) is infuriated about the death of his son, and enlists his right hand man, Quentin Glass (Will Patton) to start looking into who was involved with his son’s passing. He also instructs Glass to settle the score with Castle after he figures out he was responsible for Bobby’s death. His wife, Livia (Laura Harring), requests that they kill his entire family to even out the playing field.

the punisher 2004 frank shootout
“Howard Saint! You took everything from me!” – Frank Castle

Gunmen invade the Peurto Rico reunion and begin to slaughter the family at random. Castle loses his entire family, though is wife attempted to get away with their son, though Glass and Bobby Saint’s twin brother, John Saint (James Carpinello), butcher them on the pier. Castle arrives too late, and they think that they have killed him, too. The local fisherman Candelaria (Veryl Jones) assists Castle to his former health, though the man is now burning on a revenge mission, and rises to become The Punisher. A simple sting gone wrong has now turned into two feuding families. Castle is on his own, and returns to Tampa, Florida, to settle the score. He moves into an apartment building and meets his three odd neighbours – Spacker Dave (Ben Foster) the pierced up computer delinquent, Bumpo (John Pinette) the overweight gourmet chef and Joan (Rebecca Romijn), the waitress with dreadful taste in men.

the punisher 2004 frank castle bow
“I leave this as a declaration of intent, so no one will be confused. One: “Si vis pacem, para bellum.” – If you want peace, prepare for war.” – Frank Castle

Castle sets his sights on Mickey Duka (Eddie Jemison) and turns him on the Saint family. He becomes his inside man and feeds him all the information that he needs to start his vengeance plan. Castle rebuffs almost all the attempts that are made by his neighbours of friendship. He no longer feels that he has the time for it. Slowly but surely, Castle sets the ball in motion that will be his revenge against Howard Saint. Castle is angered that the city has done nothing in terms of judicial fronts to avenge his family and hold somebody accountable, and the news soon reaches Howard Saint’s ears that Castle is yet among them. He is even angrier to learn that Castle seems to be foiling all his assassination attempts.

the punisher 2004 joan helps frank
“He looks so weak. Is he going to die?” – Spacker Dave

Howard Saint wants Castle exterminated immediately, and starts calling in all external help. Frank Castle wants Howard Saint to suffer for the atrocities that he rained down on his family, and is intent on making it happen. Mickey Duka is in the thick of it all, his dislike for the Saints fuelling him on like nothing else could. Castle’s betrayal drives him to push harder and faster at the Saints, crippling their money-laundering business and knocking their reputation down a few notches. Will Howard Saint succeed in crushing Castle, or will Castle win out his right to exercise his revenge upon the man responsible for shredding his life to pieces?

I would award The Punisher an 8/10. Yes, that highly. I went through so much crap just to finally watch this! I ordered it the other day, it arrived, I popped it in, and then it was that silly sequel in the box, I had to return and exchange it and everything and then finally I could watch it. This was one of my favourite movies concerning punishment and vengeance ever. Punishment, justice, whatever you want to call it. It was exceedingly wretched to watch his entire family get butchered because one son was killed in the midst of a sting. Thomas Jane was cast very well for his role as Frank Castle, I think he nailed it. People complain about his acting, but I think he is a lot better than people give him credit for. I know that traditionally there shouldn’t really be humour in the Punisher comic books, but I don’t feel that the humour was overkill in here. It was woven in between scenes, but it must also be remembered that it is black humour. I also enjoyed the score for the film. John Travolta was excellent as mobster Howard Saint; he was very good to watch. This film was perfect to show that vigilante anger, frustration and the search for true justice when the system fails you, and I believe it was executed well. I know the reviews were very mixed for this, but I am on the “it was good” side. I enjoyed it the first time that I watched it when I was younger, and nothing has changed for me.