Rapid Review: Legend (2015)

legend poster

“Life isn’t always what we want it to be.”
– Reggie Kray

SYNOPSIS: Focusing on the relationship between Reggie Kray and Frances Shea, told from France’s’ point of view as someone who knew him best, as well as the mental health issues Ronnie Kray faced and their rise to power as the notorious gangsters of London. – via IMDB

legend tom hardy kray twins

GRADE 7I have been waiting for this movie for sometime because, let’s face it, double Tom Hardy in a film? Sign me right up! And I don’t even say that just for… aesthetic purposes either, because that is something I have only very recently come to appreciate. Now, moving right on from that, let’s look at the movie itself. Okay, pit stop – how ridiculously hot is Hardy in a suit?! I know that Reggie was a bastard, fine, but damn, Hardy just physically made him massively appealing. Okay, okay, really now, back to the movie. I think that this movie gets way more flak than it deserves. I found it to be entertaining, and did not really paint these guys to be amazing or awesome or anything, because heck, they weren’t, but the movie shows these guys and their issues and how they are with each other, and it was highly entertaining to watch. I know it sounds awful, but Hardy’s turn as Ronnie Kray had me laughing at times. He was unstable, but when they went to that bar for the meeting and his immense displeasure at the lack of guns for a shootout really cracked me up. Hardy overall delivered a powerhouse performance of note here. We all know the man is immensely talented, we do, but to see him take on two roles, these twins, in one movie was something. On sight you knew exactly which Kray twin you were dealing with. He had mannerisms for both, styles of talking, the clothes, the posture, everything. I was completely amazed. Whatever people may think about this movie, it has to be seen for Hardy’s performances at the very least. Emily Browning is an actress that pops up on my screen from time to time, but not someone I actively seek out. I must say that I found her to be incredibly dull here. I must say that the writing may not be the tightest in the world, but I did not find it as scattered as some people have complained about. I followed what was going on, even though it did jump quickly from violence to humour to romance, I didn’t have a big issue with it. Not the greatest movie, not the worst movie, not deserving of the hate it receives – I liked it, I didn’t love it. I think it was a pity that this became a love story instead of really digging into the source material. There was just so much more potential to have worked with. I expected a gangster films with more, well, gansterness to it, not this romance stuff, but I will survive. Legend did not paint these brothers in a particularly good light at all, so while we may laugh and all, one cannot deny that these two were horrible. Oh well, you aren’t just a mobster in power for nothing, I suppose.

Okay, now, let me just get right down to this whole Tom Hardy… study.

How do you even resist this outside your window?!

legend tom hardy hot flowers

Oh. My. Goodness.

legend tom hardyLEGEND TOM HARDY WINK

The confidence. That is all.

legend tom hardy walk

Sporadic Scene: Kingsman: The Secret Service (2014) – Church Massacre

You know, Kingsman had a lot of good things going for it, really. It was entertaining, carried by a good cast, had an interesting story, contained good humour and it was shot well. I think one scene that captures how well this was shot and how crazy it could get was definitely the church fight that Harry Hart finds himself in. It is plain down weird. Everything went from perfectly normal, to dissing, to straight up action and insane fights – all choreographed and shot beautifully, keeping you riveted for every second the bloodshed senselessly continued.

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Rapid Review: Kingsman: The Secret Service (2014)

kingsman poster

“The suit is the modern gentleman’s armour. The Kingsmen are the new knights.”
– Harry Hart

SYNOPSIS: A spy organization recruits an unrefined, but promising street kid into the agency’s ultra-competitive training program, just as a global threat emerges from a twisted tech genius. – via IMDB

kingsman what it iskingsman meeting

GRADE 8I was so stoked to finally get to this. Kingsman: The Secret Service got so many great reviews, and people who loved Bond loved this, so I just had to know what it was all about. British? Spies? Suits? Colin Firth? I was so in. Unfortunately, I missed it in cinemas, which sucked, but I finally got to seeing this. It has been my only break between exams, and damn it, it was a really great one! I had so much fun with this. I thought Colin Firth was absolutely brilliant here, but then, Firth is always good. He is like the epitome of British class, and I love him for it. He was so well suited here (hehehehe – just leave me and my exam brain be). Aside from him, the rest of the cast was highly entertaining, too, what with Samuel L Jackson stepping in as the odd villain, Michael Caine standing as a fancy head of a fancy, top secret institution, Mark Strong as the great technical mastermind (think Q). I enjoyed the throwbacks there were to the Bond franchises, and I have to admit that Kingsman was funny and fresh. I had so many genuinely good laughs throughout. I am so glad that the glasses were explained, because each time I saw something about this movie and saw Colin Firth in those glasses I was like “WTF”. However, it all makes sense eventually. The unknown for me in here was Taron Egerton, though I think he did a really good job with Eggsy, and I enjoyed his character. The action scenes were so exaggerated and the style in was shot and presented in was different, and I thoroughly enjoyed it, it fit so well with what was going on. There was so much that was predictable (do not take that to mean boring) and then there were also places that were plain down shocking, things happening I didn’t really expect. The extreme Britishness of this movie was just so awesome, though some places didn’t seem quite as convincing as they should have, and I loved the suits that we got to see in here (because suits… come on). The costume design overall was very good (aside from the suits now). There were so many absurd moments laced throughout this movie (think McDonald’s) and there were scenes that were perfectly captured (think the church) and dialogue that got you giggling (think politicians), and bringing them all together you get a fresher comedy than we have seen in quite some time. I had such a blast with Kingsman and  highly recommend it – funny, action-filled, entertaining and well shot. What more could you possibly want from a film like this?