True Blood: Season 2 (2009)

true blood season 2 poster


What I liked:

  • Bill and Sookie finally have a little more physical chemistry developing between them, it isn’t such an awkward thing to watch them together anymore.
  • The humour in this one was pretty sharp.
  • Pam and Eric when they are together. They are exceptionally entertaining – always sniping at each other, always loving each other, though goodness knows neither will admit it.
  • Seeing more Alexander Skarsgård as Eric Northman in this one. He is the one character that is really interesting, and I feel he was underused in the last season. He is the one that most people seem to love to see more of – his ruthlessness, his history, his attitude, all of it.
  • Eric and Sookie’s exchange about using words the other doesn’t understand.
  • The relationship between Hoyt and Jessica – it was really sweet.
  • Allan Hyde as Godric. He was truly amazing and very well done. His character had quite a bit of depth, even though he was only a brief part of what happened. Hyde was perfect to play him, he had that looks of having seen the world, yet he was still so beautiful. Big fan, me.
  • The relationship that Godric and Eric share, as well as the past. Both are very deep, both very sad. Eric is very loyal to Godric, which is something I like, and Godric is definitely very changed after two thousand years of living.

godric and eric

What I didn’t like:

  • The maenad having such a huge role.
  • The town’s craziness. It was fine, then it just got freaking stupid. It went from funny to annoying, and really, really quickly.
  • The whole way that Bill and Sookie “have a child” so to speak with Jessica. They make it so much like that and it just really shouldn’t be.
  • Eric’s fascination with Sookie is finally here – but it is out of nowhere and not properly explained.
  • I am still not enamoured with the wrong teeth being the fangs… small thing to grate on a person, but it does.

true blood season 2 maryanne and jason

Again, another pretty decent season. I loved getting to see more of Eric and Pam in this one, they are worth the watch all the time. I felt extremely bad for Lafayette and all the things that he went through, he was so broken when all was said and done. Maryann annoyed me, seeing as she was supposed to have an important role, but not that important that it became a whole season’s worth of stuff. Watching how it was implemented was funny initially, all these people going cooked and not remembering, then it rapidly progressed to being a drag. Drifting back into Eric’s past of being the honourable Viking who turned was something I thoroughly enjoyed, and Godric as his maker was simply perfect. Eric really did actually feel something for his Maker, though it is something that confused Sookie endlessly. I think the thing with Godric and Eric was far better in the show than the books – Ocella was just annoying, and the history didn’t quite resonate the same. Jason’s retarded decision to join the Fellowship of the Sun proved to be incredibly funny, as Jason most certainly either didn’t attend Bible studies or Church, or just really didn’t absorb what was said. Thinking that Moses walked on water and wondering who Judas was really had me cracking up. Hoyt and Jessica meeting was just the most adorable thing, and he really seems to have pulled the ridiculously annoying side out of her, which was pretty cool. Steve and Sarah Newlin really made my stomach turn. He was just not… a man (I cannot explain this enough – any tying a pastel sweater around your shoulders does not help matter whatsoever), and Sarah was such a loose woman. Anyway, as far as it goes, some things were straightened out in this season and were most certainly enjoyable. You have to laugh at the cheese True Blood provides.

true blood season 2 sookie and bill

Review: The Double (2011)


“This guy has used every single weapon you can think of. From an M-24 from 800 meters, to a rusty nail.”
– Martin Miller

Here was a movie that came in highly recommended by a  very good friend of mine that usually has impeccable taste. I am not quite sure what happened here though. This movie had a pretty good plot, but not really that great an execution.

A retired CIA operative, Paul Shepherdson (Richard Gere), is called from retirement by CIA director Tom Highland (Martins Sheen) to pair up with a young FBI agent, Ben Geary (Topher Grace), to begin the hunt for the elusive Soviet assassin Cassius. The two are thrown together when a US senator is killed in a style that is remarkably similar to the technique used by Cassius. Paul spent decades of his life attempting the capture of the elusive Soviet assassin, and refuses to acknowledge that Cassius has returned, seeing as Cassius went into hiding and ceased his kills altogether. Ben wrote a thesis on Paul’s fruitless hunt for the killer, and is convinced of it that Cassius roams freely, and that this is his work.

The two agents butt heads continually, and their visit to attempt to extricate information from inmate Brutus (Stephen Moyer) turns out to be slightly rewarding, although Paul claims it is not. Paul’s past is rapidly catching up to him and he is desperate to cover his tracks and will stop at no cost.

A Russian sleeper cell operative is activated and brings many Russian war criminals into the States from the Mexican border, so that no one would suspect. Paul catches one glimpse of the most elusive character he has sought before: the murderer of his wife and child – Bozlovski (Tamer Hassan), though that secret is known by no one.

The Double is only worth a 5/10 for me. I was waiting to be thrilled, and the kick was sorely lacking, . I must say, I was extremely underwhelmed with Topher Grace’s performance, and I don’t know why. I almost think that he is an exclusive comedic actor for me. His role just did not feel real, accepted and proper. I don’t know, I have not been this disappointed in a very long time by a film recommended by a friend.