Rapid Review: The Witch (2015)


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“I am that very witch. When I sleep my spirit slips away from my body and dances naked with The Devil. That’s how I signed his book.”
– Thomasin

SYNOPSIS: A family in 1630s New England is torn apart by the forces of witchcraft, black magic and possession. – via IMDB

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GRADE 5After all the reviews about this, I was so excited to get to it. Pity, because I ended up not loving it, just like It Follows, which everyone else seemed to love, too. My husband and I watched this, and liked the creepy atmosphere, the  music, how the movie mostly got you wondering about things, the old English, all of that. Even the aspect of a witch, and this family suffering at the hands of it, great. But then it’s just this family’s descent into madness and witchcraft (which would have been okay – but it was so boring), no explanations, a lot of wasted potential, nothing really linking everything, nothing too clear, and I am not an idiot, I just expected more. I was all for a witch of the icky variety again, but this was just not what I was looking for. I expected something darker and way more hardcore, and all I got was a movie that had a distinctly empty feeling surrounding it. Meh. People spoke of fear, of terror, while watching this. Where? I love atmosphere in a horror, that is what makes it scary. This had it in spades, but lost the plot pretty quickly. I loved the way the film looked, and I loved the dialogue, I was a fan, and I was a fan of the hysteria that seized the family, and how it was witchcraft, considering there was a real, live witch out in the forest, but that aspect was never actually explored, and the witchcraft within the family left a lot to be desired, too.The movie was more disturbing than scary, but didn’t stay with me long after. I don’t know, this just wasn’t my cup of tea at the end of the day.