Review: The Babysitter (2017)


“Things get messy when you make a deal with the devil.”
– Bee

SYNOPSIS: The events of one evening take an unexpected turn for the worst for a young boy trying to spy on his babysitter. – via IMDB

Ah! This movie! This is so my cup of tea, and I enjoyed the hell out of this. Chop, I am so with you on this one, it’s great! Everything works.

The cast is really what makes this – they all seem to be having an absolute blast, and that comes through. I think that Judah Lewis was fantastic as Cole, and Samara Weaving was great as Bee. She totally nailed down that sort of girl next door thing but with an extremely healthy dose of crazy. The two of them play off one another really well, and I loved watching them together. She really was like the best babysitter, and you could understand how he saw her as probably his best friend, even if it meant she had to stay his babysitter.

I would like to thank McG and co from the bottom of my heart for a shirtless Robbie Amell for essentially the whole movie. Yes, for science, and your contribution is immensely appreciated. So. Much. He was hilarious to boot, too, but still. Science.

Okay, back to the movie, right? Sorry, can’t help it, he was distracting in the movie, too. I think the humour for The Babysitter was spot on, and definitely had me laugh quite a few times. This movie totally embraces how crazy it is, and it just works. I really loved the little cuts in the movie to show certain events (the pocket knife, Cole’s plans, etc). I also think that things were just pretty weird all round. The Babysitter is a load of fun, and just goes for it every step of the way.

Anyway, as you can tell I had a great time with The Babysitter. If you are into horror comedy, this should totally work for you. It’s a total blast and it has some fantastic moments and silly characters, with a solid score and it looks stylish, too. Absolutely worth the watch!

Review: The Duff (2015)



“It’s not like a big deal, every group has one, you know the one who doesn’t look as good , thus making their friends look better. The one whose easy to talk to because no one’s trying to get with them.”
– Wesley Rush

SYNOPSIS: A high school senior instigates a social pecking order revolution after finding out that she has been labeled the DUFF – Designated Ugly Fat Friend – by her prettier, more popular counterparts. – via IMDB


GRADE 8All I know about this film is that is was based on a book, and that it didn’t do so well, and got a bit of flak. Having seen it, I don’t get why it wasn’t too popular. I thought it was pretty funny, a little silly and cheesy, but overall not bad. Just remember to check your brain at the door, it might frustrate you if you try to get too complicated. And I haven’t read the book, so for once I am not too concerned about the parallels. In fact, even after seeing this, I don’t think I will be heading out anytime soon to read the book. I enjoyed just watching it, scoffing, and enjoying how light it was.

Anyway, it isn’t earth shattering or super different, but it is done really well, and carried by a pretty good cast and feels fresh. I absolutely loved watching Robbie Amell and Mae Whitman together. They were just too darn cute, and came across as pretty comfortable with each other. Really great chemistry. Also, I truly appreciated Bianca’s character. She was just so damn cool. I was pleased with the message behind this movie – it wasn’t this whole “change yourself to get the guy” thing, and it also wasn’t all about some dude and how a girl just couldn’t live without him. Man, so over that.

Bianca and her situations can also be so damn relatable, which is really funny and really awkward, all at once. I like that. You can totally get how and why some of these situations would arise, or how one would feel about them. That’s something not all movies get right. I had a particularly good laugh when she achieved something and this went down (we have all had a moment when we felt this):


I also like that the movie is actually a lot smarter than you would think it would be. I appreciate the fact that it successfully balanced humour and heart, as most other movies go one way or the other. It’s also sassy at times. The movie is predictable, but it is fun. I actually enjoyed this a hell of a lot more than I thought I would. It’s a good coming of age movie that is funny, identifiable, sweet without being sickening, and something that I would actually recommend.