James Bond: 50th Anniversary DVD Box Set


Oooooh thank you, Mother! What a fantastic, wonderful and highly appreciated gift! I am going to watch so much Bond it is going to come out of my ears, I can tell you! Ricky told me I am on my own, he is not spending a month or so watching Bond. Never fear, I’ve got this!

In any event, I thought that I would post a review on what the box set actually looks like. I mean prior to ordering it I could find virtually nothing to actually show me hands on what this set looked like. Apart from a lone video or two on YouTube, I was going in blind. There was slightly more to view if you bought Blu-ray, but not enough on the DVD set. So this is more for the people who, like me, would like to have a good look at what they are buying, and for those who are not always buying Blu-ray.

Also, I am going to start a Bond Friday, so until I have finally watched all of these movies, there will be a Bond review at the end of each week.


The exterior of the box set is stunning. It is a sturdy gloss box cover (sort of like the really nice hardcover books that you get, the coffee table ones). It features the six 007’s from the last five decades, with a gorgeous gold swirling and BOND 50 emblazoned over the front. The spine pronounces the celebration of fifty years of Bond. The base of the box has a list of the twenty two Bond movies contained in the set.


As you can see, it is a slot box. A stunning black book-type slips from the case, plain black with BOND 50 stamped onto it in gold lettering. It is also on the back of the box.


It looks very pretty once taken out. As you can see, it is plastic “pages” so to speak that hold the DVDs in the book-type folder. The materials used are truly lovely, feel fantastic, and there is no cheap feeling about the set whatsoever; the construction is wonderful!


Inside the box set, the first five Bond actors appear on the left and the inside fold. The DVDs are stacked two to a page, and they are all a uniform black with a grey 007 on each one, and a gold title for each film.


Another depiction of the pages and the look of each disc. They clip in and out of the holders nicely, and the first DVD does not have to be removed to take out the second one, seeing as the first one is set slightly higher, so the second one just slips out beneath it should you want to watch the bottom one.


The box set includes a slot for Skyfall, which I own and was incredibly eager to put in, so my pictures show Skyfall as a part of the box set already. The fact that there was a space for the movie was so great, because it means the box set gets to remain pretty uniform, and has an added kick, keeping all the movies together. Granted, the DVD lable is one that is different, but that is completely alright!


Taking Skyfall out of the predefined slot that was inserted, Daniel Craig joins the Bond lineup right at the back.

The films themselves are great, having the video and audio remastered, it looks and sounds beautiful, and the menus are pretty cool, too, giving the options to “Initiate Mission”, “Mission Select”, “MI6 Commentary” or “Language Decryption”. This truly is a gorgeous box set, whether for yourself as a fan or someone you know. It looks so nice in any collection, and is worth the spend!

When two of your addictions successfully meet…


Star Wars Meets Pulp Fiction2

Then you get this…

My friend painted this for me, knowing how much I love Pulp Fiction as well as the Star Wars saga. She created me a custom piece of art. It is definitely one of the coolest things that I have ever gotten! I love gifts that come from the heart, such as this one is. That is what she went for with this. I am looking for a plain black wood frame for it now so that I can mount it as soon as possible!

Poker night madness!


I am so excited! I had my office end year function yesterday, and it was thoroughly enjoyable, but I am thrilled about tomorrow: our monthly poker night is upon us!

Poker night playing poker A group of friends, one of their parents, myself and my boyfriend host a poker night each month, alternating between houses, who serves snacks, etc. We have a small buy in, which turns out to not be that bad a haul at all when you add all of it up, and have an absolute blast each time we play.

We have big wins, we have narrow wins, we have ridiculous wins, we have people not counting correctly, but no matter what, we enjoy ourselves immensely. We play clean, we play fair, and we play to spend time together. We play Texas Hold’Em as it keeps the game going, being very fast and to the point. Making it a consistent night forces us to make sure we have time to see each other, an activity to do, and a game that goes on for hours. The first weekend of every month is dedicated to fun and spending time with those you love, and I always look forward to them. We are a bit late this month, as December is always an unpredictable and busy month, but no matter, the opportunity to participate again with those close to me makes any wait worth it! Let the games begin!

Do any of you have specific activities that you clear dates in the calendar for consistently? If so, what do you do, and with whom do you do it?