Review: Bones: Season 4 (2008 – 2009)


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Synopsis: We begin the season with the team trying to recover from the bad knock they suffered at the hands of Zack Addy (Eric Millegan). Jack Hodgins (T.J. Thyne) and Angela Montenegro (Michaela Conlin) put an end to their relationship, both drifting their own ways, and losing each other. Hodgins loses something that used to be a large part of his identity: his ability to be a rich conspiracy buff. He gets cocky, short and rude with people, no longer overly caring about his appearance, and his amusing insight to government dwindles to non-existence. I blame this on his trauma of losing Zack, his best friend, as well as the love of his life.

A steady stream of interns come through the lab. Dr Temperance Brennan (Emily Deschanel) is unable to pick one, and so we meet up with the extremely depressed and gloomy Colin Fisher (Joel David Moore), uptight and work-oriented Dr Clark Edison (Eugene Byrd), the calm Muslim Arastoo Vaziri (Pej Vahdat), the permanent fact-spewing Vincent Nigel-Murray (Ryan Cartwright) and my personal favourite, Wendell Bray (Michael Grant Terry). Each with their own distinctive skill set that they bring to the table, they all vie hard in hopes of being granted the full time position.  Brennan and Dr Camille Saroyan (Tamara Taylor) establish soon on in the intern that they will not, under any circumstances, be able to work with: Daisy Wick (Carla Gallo), and neither can the rest of the team. She is ditzy, irritating and frankly just grates on everyone’s nerves. However, Dr Lance Sweets (John Francis Daley) gets into things with Daisy, but they have to keep in under wraps from the rest of the team as they aren’t prepared to really put it out there that they are an item. When Daisy returns to the team for another case to help out on, Camille approaches Dr Sweets, desperately seeking his help to rid the team of Daisy. Dr Sweets says that he will do the firing, and he and Daisy announce to the world how they are together.

zack assisting

Zack Addy assisting on a case

On a particular case, Hodgins goes to see Zack Addy at the mental institution, and discusses the case with him. In the middle of the case, when the team is ready to give up, Zack walks back into the Jeffersonian. Booth’s first instinct is to take Zack in, but they need his help. With his assistance they solve the case, and Sweets is tasked with delivering him back to the institution. Sweets is terrified of being alone with a killer when Zack admits to him that he never killed anyone, although claims he would have had the “master” asked him to. Sweets is upset, and tells Zack that he does not know what he will do in a situation until he is in it, and wants to inform everyone of Zack’s innocence when Zack forbids him. He knows he will not make it in prison, and so he will stay where he is. Sweets knows he is sitting on a big secret now.

Dr Gordon Wyatt (Stephen Fry) returns for a few episodes, and reads the book that Dr Sweets is compiling about Brennan and Booth. Again, Dr Wyatt feels the books tells more about the writer than the subjects, and he informs Brennan and Booth that Sweets has had a more difficult life than they know. Inviting Sweets to join them for dinner, Brennan shares a fragment of her past that has been hidden away for so long. Sweets feel sorry for her, and Booth is shocked that Brennan has been through the things that she has. Angela’s father (Billy Gibbons) returns to town, and Hodgins is freaking out. He is desperate to avoid the man, and Angela speaks to her father, telling him that the breakup was mutual. Just when they think all has blown over, Angela’s dad kidnaps Hodgins, who wakes up in the desert with Angela tattooed on his bicep. Sweets suggests that Angela take a sexual hiatus after her relationship – that she started shortly after calling it off with Hodgins – with Roxie Lyon (Nichole Hiltz) also ends badly.

Booth and Brennan join the circus for a case, and Brennan gets very attached to the place, the familiarity the people share, and the dedication. She fools Booth into being far more reckless than he was prepared to be, but the pair leave there feeling particularly good about themselves. Camille hires Max Keenan (Ryan O’Neal) to teach at the Jeffersonian, which causes major disagreements seeing as Brennan wants him gone and out, nowhere near evidence and crime scenes, etc. Eventually Brennan relents and her father stays.

Booth brothers

The Booth brothers

The Gravedigger returns, demanding evidence that was stolen be turned over to them, and kidnaps Booth for the incentive. It turns out Hodgins stole the evidence, and they are almost killed when returning it. Just in the nick of time, Booth is rescued by Brennan. Booth saw a dead Private on the boat that he was kept on by the Gravedigger, Teddy Parker (Noel Fisher). In the midst of all of the Gravedigger drama, they manage to ascertain who they are, and state attorney Heather Taffet (Deirdre Lovejoy) is arrested for the crimes, while Jared Booth (Brendan Fehr) is in deep trouble with the government for having pulled some highly illegal strings to finally grow up and help his brother out for a change. Camille’s ex-lover turns up dead, and she goes on an emotional roller coaster ride with his daughter, Michelle Welton (Tiffany Hines), and eventually ends up adopting her, throwing herself headlong into parenthood.

Brennan decides out of the blue that she wants a baby, and that Booth must be the donor. This shocks the whole team, and even more so that Booth gives into Brennan’s wishes that he be the donor. However, Booth is having difficulty with the concept of bringing a baby into this world and not being allowed to be the father. Brennan figures this out because Booth is talking to things that are not there, and tells him she will not have the baby, but that he needs to trust her and see a doctor. It turns out Booth has a benign tumour in his brain that needs to be surgically removed. The last episode of the season revolves around the antics of Brennan and Booth in an alternate universe where they are an item and everything is distinctly different from what it is.

Best Episode: The Hero In The Hold

Worst Episode: The Yanks In The UK (Part 1 & 2)

I was not particularly enamoured with this season. I missed the way Hodgins and Zack brought life to the show, and the surly guy that replaced Hodgins really got to me. I missed all the conspiracy stuff that he used to cook up. I don’t know, having Zack gone really screwed with the whole make up of the show. I like the fact that Zack was not the loon that we thought he was, that clears up a lot. I like the new lab techs that are floating in and out, they each have their perks. My favourite is Wendell of them all, but Clark gets me, too. He is so anal about everything, and such a stickler and so unsocial at work. Brennan suddenly wanting to have a child took me by surprise, and the fact that Booth insisted on being the father is something that could not be taken lightly. I am glad that Jared, for all the silly, stupid and immature things he has done, finally stepped up to help Booth. It was high bloody time he did some of the protecting. Booth’s tumour is heavily scary by the end of it, and the alternate reality he has woven for himself featuring Brennan is very heavy. Overall, a rather slow season. However, I loved Angela’s dad coming back for Hodgins, and the dodgy tattoo that was left. I was heartbroken when they went their separate ways as they were so great together. I wish Booth and Brennan would finally just say what they have to say! Brennan and her father finally laying things to rest is a relief, too, and Sweets suggesting that Angelo go celibate had me in stitches. The latest love of his life, Daisy, is really annoying, though you could see why they would be drawn together. Caroline Julian (Patricia Belcher) was again an absolute pleasure to watch, she is so amusing and always a treat when she has a role to play. Not the worst series season I have ever watched, but I expected more bang after the conclusion of season 3.

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Bones: Season 2 (2006 – 2007)


Bones Season 2 POster

Well, season one was all over and done with, but right at the end they finally introduced something that made me want to look further into the series, and I am so glad that I gave it a shot. As long winded as season one was, season two hopped right up onto the horse and expelled entertainment. Finally some character development, more humour, and still the great cast dynamic. I could see good things happening for this season.


Synopsis: This season kicks off shortly after season one’s end. Dr Temperance Brennan (Emily Deschanel) is looking for her father, and Special Agent Seeley Booth (David Boreanaz) wants him too, to lock him up. Together they start a new investigation that has Jack Hodgins (T.J. Thyne) on a conspiracy freak out, and Brennan meets her new boss, Dr Camille Saroyan (Tamara Taylor), who has replaced Dr Daniel Goodman (Jonathan Adams). The Squint Squad is slightly confused that Brennan did not get his job, but she does not seem overly phased by it. A war ensues between Camille and Brennan, and the entire team gets involved. Booth sort of heals the rift when he makes it clear that the “squints” are not being overly dramatic when the threat was put out there that if Brennan goes, they all go, and Booth goes with, too. Booth also has to explain parts of Brennan to Camille that she never will, otherwise they will never reach a middle ground.

Season two introduces us to The Gravedigger, a terrifying kidnapper who takes his victims, buries them alive with a limited air supply and only a once off communication specifying the cost. If it is not paid, then it is all over, no remorse, nothing. The team discovers two young boys that are in a container that looks like a spaceship, and so the Gravedigger case begins. However, as soon as they get too close, Brennan and Hodgins are kidnapped and buried in a car. Angela is freaking out seeing as she went on the perfect date with Hodgins, and was too afraid to take a chance with him. Their incessant flirting throughout the last season and a bit seems almost like a let down with that answer from her, but cannot be finalized. Booth wants and needs Bones back, and it needs to happen soon. Hodgins reveals to Brennan that he is rich, and who he is, and it brings them closer. The team is horrified that they were drawn into something so grotesque, and the case skyrockets Angela and Hodgins into a relationship, and then rapidly into engagement.

Howard Epps (Heath Freeman) begins toying with Brennan and Booth again after they got him off death row, a serial killer. They are horrified about it, and it ended badly when Brennan broke his wrist at their last encounter. With him being locked up, they are shocked to find new victims with pretty much the same MO that he used. Has Howard Epps trained an apprentice? How can this be? They enter into a deadly game with him, and need to beat the odds.

Brennan and her brother start to get back onto rocky familial terms, and Russ Brennan (Loren Dean) violates his parole by crossing state lines to get to Brennan without permission. He is convinced he is being hunted, and he needs to know what is going on. Booth covers for him, and find that he is indeed being hunted. Brennan’s father, Max Keenan (Ryan O’Neal), makes an appearance, and takes her brother and runs. How can Brennan trust him ever again? She is hurt and angry, and at the same time cannot understand the nature of what just happened. Booth consoles her, and together they lament the fact that her father killed the Deputy Director of the FBI, who was a crooked cop, to protect her.

Zack Addy (Eric Millegan) finally receives his doctorate, and begs Angela Montenegro (Michaela Conlin) for a makeover to ensure that he gets to keep his job once the decision is no longer Brennan’s. A whole new character emerges. Booth and Camille break things off with one another when Howard Epps escapes from prison and plays a deadly game with Brennan’s whole crew, one that almost cost Camille her life. Booth is out of action for a case, and Brennan meets Tim “Sully” Sullivan (Eddie McClintock), and even though things appear to look rough between them, he cannot resist her. Brennan starts seeing Sully, and Booth gives it his okay but you can see that is bugs him to the extreme. However, their bliss is short lived, and being the free spirit he is, Sully buys a boat and asks Brennan to take a year long sabbatical with him, which she refuses to do, and it hurts him.

Howard Epps is not done playing with Brennan and Booth, and kills a fireman escaping prison, and the case ends in death when Howard Epps dies when falling from Booth’s hands. The Epps debacle causes Booth and Camille to call things off between them, as it seems it is too dangerous to be together in such a high risk job. The season ends with the wedding being called off in the middle of the ceremony seeing as it is discovered Angela is already married, and Zack leaves for Iraq due to a “request directly from the President to serve his country”.

Best Episode: Aliens In A Spaceship / The Man In The Cell

Worst Episode: The Titan On The Track

This season was incredibly entertaining, I loved pretty much each and every minute of it. I really did not like Camille, and I am still on again, off again about her. Bones and Booth are just too damn cute and completely odd together, and this season the tension between the two got a bit hectic, even with Sully having been in the picture, and Booth and Camille kicking things up together, it did not change anything. Hodgins and Angela damn near drove me crazy until they finally hit it off successfully, I think that they are a perfect match for one another, and superbly compatible. This was also a far more emotional season than the last, and there was even a pretty good back story to follow, not just case after case after case, which makes it very refreshing. I will not lie, I truly miss Dr Goodman though, he was a large source of my snickering in season one. Camille started off rocky, and a true adversary is all I saw in her, but it appears she is finally fitting in, and has stopped being the super bitch in the Jeffersonian. I was truly amused by how the heroine in Brennan’s books is Kathy Reichs, I had to have myself a little giggle. This season was action packed, and fantastic. I was completely reeled in and blown away by what I saw. Excellent way to continue along with something that had a rather drab season one. As always, Zack and Hodgins are a fantastic source of entertainment, a real “boys will be boys” type of thing, and I love it. They have a great dynamic together, and communication skills to boot, leaving many behind in the dirt at the rate they process and progress on matters.

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