Sporadic Scene: Banshee (Season 3×03) – Nola Longshadow vs Clay Burton

Banshee is something I became hopelessly addicted to, and the biggest reason for my addiction? Clay Burton. Truly. The man is freaking awesome (you can check out my gushing here). Season three also gave us one of the most epic fights I have seen in years. The second Nola’s tomahawk flew into the scene and pinned Burton, you knew that there would be hell to pay. As much as I liked her, she had absolutely none of my loyalty in the deadly match when it came right down to it. The fight was perfectly choreographed, looked amazing and had thrills laced throughout it (scalpel tray in the boot of the car, a roof being shredded, car badges becoming weapons). It was exhilarating from start to finish. Brutal, bloody, beautiful.

Ugh, I cannot seem to find a clip that plays when embedded in my site, but if you click it will take you to YouTube itself so you can go check out the epic!

PS: Contains spoilers if you haven’t seen this far in Banshee yet!

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