Review: The Edge of Seventeen (2016)

“I don’t wanna take up a ton of your time, but I’m gonna kill myself. I just thought an adult should know.”
– Nadine 

SYNOPSIS: High-school life gets even more unbearable for Nadine when her best friend, Krista, starts dating her older brother. – via IMDB

Alright, so I know this rated really highly with people, so I was interested to see how this coming of age film sets itself apart from others in the genre, and there are a few ways, some good, and some bad. It was definitely different in the sense that you don’t actually really like our protagonist, though she does grow as the movie progresses (as to be expected), and ultimately you can see the changes.

Nadine is a more unlikable character than you are used to for this type of movie. Sure, they are supposed to have unlikable aspects, things that change as the movie progresses, but Nadine has virtually no redeeming points, and is selfish on a totally believable teenage level, this is to say that the whole world had to revolve around her. She also encounters situations where being abrasive doesn’t always helps, and other times it did. All that being said, I did like the way the movie did a really good job capturing the insecurities of a teenage girl, as well as the constant stress and complete teenage selfishness.

Even with that being done exceptionally well, I didn’t love this. It isn’t a bad movie, it just didn’t make me feel much of anything. I enjoyed watching Woody Harrelson, because he’s awesome and so was his character, but aside from that? Oh yes, there is Erwin, and I thought he was adorable. Besides them? There were no characters I really enjoyed, or situations, or interactions (except between Nadine and poor Mr Bruner). The movie just came across as really flat and shallow, which is unfortunate. It also wasn’t funny, which at times it felt like it was desperately trying to be. I didn’t find this as deep and poignant as others did. It isn’t a bad watch, it just didn’t do for me what I was hoping it would.

The Edge of Seventeen does a great job of capturing the totally self-centred nature of being a teen, as well as all the awkwardness of it. The movie features sold performances and is shot well, but it doesn’t have the heart or humour it thinks it has.


Review: The Possession (2012)

the possession poster

“Whoever made this didn’t want anybody to open it.”
– Clyde Brenek

SYNOPSIS: A young girl buys an antique box at a yard sale, unaware that inside the collectible lives a malicious ancient spirit. The girl’s father teams with his ex-wife to find a way to end the curse upon their child. – via IMDB

I waited around for ever for Jeffrey Dean Morgan to John Winchester and exorcise that demon’s ass right back out of his kid… damn Supernatural for twisting all of this so far out of proportion! I expected him to be able to handle it. There were also a couple of distinctive goofs that sort of threw me, such as the daughter speaking about braces with nothing on, but having them in place the next afternoon, or Clyde throwing the basketball up and down with a plaster on his hand long before the fork stabbing incident. Other than that, the movie was alright. Another film about a possess child, to be sure, but not the worst out there. I felt that the movie lacked in some aspects, maybe a slightly more solid story, and it is as though the movie relied heavily on sudden sounds for jumps. The feeling of the movie was also not always dark and demented, which granted should not always be the case, but has a distinct feeling of being disjointed at the best of times. Overall, not a bad flick if you are looking for a little horror to watch between something or to pass the time with, but definitely not scary, and definitely not first horror choice.. Not necessarily something that I would rewatch, though.