For Science: A Study On Suits – Part II

Ladies, ladies, ladies, I am back again, and heck, I think it is time we have a little perve session look see at some hot guys delightful specimens in their super scrumptious suits! It’s about time. Without further ado, I present to you a fine selection for your Friday viewing pleasure! Enjoy 😉

Yes. It is a big post. Obviously extensive research was done. *innocent whistling*

PS: If there is anyone else you would like to see added to this list, please do let me know so I can update it!

Obviously I am going to start with Sebastian Stan. I have a problem. I am aware of this. But look at him, just look!

sebastian stan suit

I have never really been a fan of Ian Somerhalder. Yes, he has always been pretty, but before The Vampire Diaries, I had no idea how sexy he could possibly be.

ian somerhalder suit

Ah, Leonardo DiCaprio. Classy to the end.

leonardo dicaprio suit

A mighty fine and super groomed Luke Evans.

luke evans suit

Dan Stevens. I don’t even think I need to justify this, so hot all round!

dan stevens (2)

Not that Alexander Skarsgård needs the suit, per se (just look!), but it still looks great!

alexander skarsgard suit1alexander skarsgard suit

Benedict Cumberbatch and all his English elegance.

benedict cumberbatch suit

Gosh. Gorgeous suit for Paul Wesley, who is, of course, rocking that hero hair, too!

paul wesley suit

Ah, what would one of these posts be without Chris Hemsworth to cause a competitive ruckus in the comments section? *hem hem CPD and Natasha*

chris hemsworth suit

Armie Hammer, totally looking fantastic!

armie hammer suit

Milo Ventimiglia, dapper as always in a pin striped affair.

milo ventimiglia suit

Just look at Cillian Murphy in a hot, tailored suit! Gah!

cillian murphy suit

Michael Fassbender rocking both an amazing suit and that chair. Luke, I await your chair commentary!

michael fassbender suit

That picture collaboration that damn near broke the internet a while back.

tom hiddleston benedict cumberbatch michael fassbender suits

The super Henry Cavill stepping up with one supremely handsome suit, ready to save the day.

henry cavill suit

Now, if I don’t add the primal Jason Momoa here, Natasha will be after my hide! #indecentobsession

jason momoa suit

The adorable Paul Rudd, mighty fine!

paul rudd suit

Keanu Reeves simply owning those suits of Mr Wick. Hmmmm.

keanu reeves suit

Tom Hiddleston is absolutely charming in his fitted three piece.

tom hiddleston suit

Looking delightfully hot and suave in his suit and shades, Joseph Morgan is looking yum. #thoselips

joseph morgan suit

Idris Elba, swanky and polished in his stunning tailored attire.

idris elba suit

Again, while Daniel Craig might not be everyone’s cup of tea (he sure isn’t mine), it cannot be denied that he wears a suit like a second skin!

daniel craig suit

Jensen Ackles is just wow. Adding a suit to the mix was just never going to go wrong.

jensen ackles suit

Jake Gyllenhaal, relaxed and beautiful on the beach. Enjoy, Melissa!

jake gyllenhaal

The mischievous Simon Baker.

simon baker suit

Ruth, while the Sam Riley obsession is still strong, enjoy!

sam riley suit

For all ladies everywhere, Tom Hardy cannot (and will not) be forgotten.

tom hardy suit

I know Game of Thrones is back in full swing, so I would have to share a snap of Kit Harington looking all gorgeous in a suit.

kit harington suit

I know Shemar Moore has his fans.

shemar moore suite

A very nice and sharp Casey Affleck.

casey affleck

Naturally we have to bring in Matt Bomer, who is just too pretty.

matt bomer suit

Man, Brad Pitt is just beautiful and stylish, without a doubt.

brad pitt suit

Chris Evans sporting a lovely suit and funky shades – hot!

chris evans suit

Jackson Rathbone is so scrumptious!

jackson rathbone suit1

Rewatching The X-Files has me looking at Fox Mulder Hank Moody David Duchovny way different than I did as a kid.

david duchovny suit

Representation from home in the form of Trevor Noah (who I am sure you guys are starting to get to know out there overseas).

trevor noah suits

Ah, isn’t Norman Reedus looking good?

norman reedus suit

As per Marta’s request, Sam Heughan!

sam heughan suit

For Science: A Study on Suits

The nature of a suit… for women this is the equivalent of lingerie. There are very few things as satisfying as a hot guy in a hot suit… it just works on so many levels. Anyway, I had a day where I simply had to perve a lot little, and compiled a collection of men in their suits… ladies, this is for you. Start the week on a high note!

Guys, if you want to make damn sure you wow a lady, get yourself a fitted and tailored suit. Believe me, it works. Without fail. Ever. Single. Time.

Alright, so we have acknowledged that there is nothing that Benedict Cumberbatch isn’t simply amazing at. Suits? No exception. YUM.

benedict cumberbatch suit hot

Uh… I… uhm… total lack of words when Luke Evans steps out looking this delectable!

I don’t think I know a woman in the world who could turn Jensen Ackles in a suit down!

jensen ackles suit

Heath Ledger for Abbi because just… yes…

heath ledger suit

Good gracious, if I had a Guest like this in the room next door to me… just saying. I am sure you would agree, right Emma? Justine?

dan stevens suit

I have never been able to resist Milo Ventimiglia…

frca20080702b 010

Richard Madden just totally rocks his suits.


Simon Baker and his cheeky grin just complete a suit without fail, time and time again!


Mads Mikkelsen can basically wear any suit under the sun and look good… I mean just look at all those bizarre yet stylish suits he strutted around in in Hannibal.

mads mikkelsen suit

Looking super fancy and buff as per usual in his three piece suit, Chris Hemsworth here for the ladies. Again, I can see Natasha and Cinema Parrot Disco in some massive war here…

chris hemsworth suit again

Joshua Jackson won me over in Fringe, and I do like the smart/grunge look he pulls off so well.

joshua jackson suit

Henry Cavill embodies Superman and Clark Kent perfectly. Not only that, he is smoking hot in a suit, too!

henry cavill suit

Ah, Channing Tatum looks really good in a tailored set.
channing tatum suit

Dominic Cooper is just such a sweetie!

dominic cooper suit

I maintain that Spartacus boasted some of the most stunningly groomed gladiators of all time. As for Liam McIntyre? Strange to see him out of his minimal wear, but he looks great! Right, V?

liam mcintyre suit

Cara, gotta give it to Chris Evans for really looking purdy all kitted up!

chris evans suit

Karl Urban. Dark, brooding, suits in a desert? I think that is a resounding YES.

karl urban suit

Oki look,  Alexander Skarsgård can run around naked and look good…

alexander skarsgard suit

Leonardo DiCaprio can do no wrong in my eyes. At all. Ever. Which, naturally, means there is no way he can screw up donning a suit.

dicaprio suit

I don’t think by now I need to explain Tom Hardy to any woman. He seems to have that magical touch of talent and looks, so the ladies may perve and the men will respect him.

tom hardy suit

Hmmmm yes… some Jackson Rathbone! I know that Mel supports this decision wholeheartedly.

jackson rathbone suit

Scotsman James McAvoy looks absolutely delectable, especially when he’s all polished and perfect.

james mcavoy suit

While Daniel Craig may not be my cup of tea (and I hold it firmly against him that he cannot pull off long hair), this man wears suits like few men can – like a second skin. Throw a cigarette and some attitude into the mix and voilà!

daniel craig suit

I know the ladies of the world cried when Matt Bomer hopped his closet, but damn, he looks good!

matt bomer suit

Tom Hiddleston understands the art of a suit…

tom hiddleston suit

Michael Fassbender, really working and bringing a fresh glory to an old and forgotten style.

michael fassbender suit

This is for me, all me! It seems the whole blog community isn’t as sold on Sebastian Stan as I am, but oh my goodness, he is one delicious specimen. This is what I refer to as a cocaine suit, and he wears it with grace and style.

sebastian stan suit

My dearest Matthew Gray Gubler, cutie and hottie to boot, can totally work that hair, that cigarette, that suit, that piano…

matthew gray gubler

Stevie, this one is especially for you, I know how much you love Gabriel Macht’s Suits look.

gabriel macht suit

Ruth, I know you have a thing for Toby Stephens!

toby stephens suit

Ralph Fiennes, looking extremely elegant.

ralph fiennes suit

Natasha, I know you totally get this, especially when Rupert Friend goes into avenging mode…


Lauren, what would this list be without Ryan Reynolds taking up some delicious space? I know he might not be half-naked and wielding an axe but I think he manages quite fine!


Cocky and raised in wealth, Robert Downey Jr sure wears suits like he was born in them!

robert downey jr suit

Abbi, I know you are still wondering what they are putting in the water down under because Garrett Hedlund manages to look pretty damn good in his suit, too!

garrett hedlund suit

Because every lady has a soft spot somewhere for some role of Ryan Gosling. For me, it was Drive that brought me to my knees.

ryan gosling suit

Whatever the guys may think, I think Andrew Garfield is adorable and looks great in a suit!

Andrew Garfield, looking serious, in a suit

Goodness knows I was a huge fan of Zachary Levi as the geekiest spy of all time. Donning a suit transformed him into insta-spy, no matter what!

zachary levi suit

Yes, me and my soft spot for Mr DeHaan… so stylish…

dane dehaan suit

As if Evan Peters couldn’t be more yummy, throw a suit into the mix!

evan peters suit

By special request of Natasha, Ashton Kutcher and his boyish charms need to make the list. Naturally, I opted for wet.

ashton kutcher suit

Melissa, never forgetting about your delight at seeing Jake Gyllenhaal anywhere!

jake gyllenhaal suit

Chris Pine for the ladies, I know he has his fans.

chris pine suit

Zachary Quinto is a favourite of mine, and really pulls off the smart casual.

zachary quinto suit

Look how nicely you clean up Luke! No two ways about it.


Abbi, as per request, a little Adrien Brody!

adrien brody suit

As per request of Sherise, I give you Liev Schreiber looking snappy as can be!

liev schreiber suit

Also, some super suave Colin Firth for the ladies, courtesy of Sherise!

colin firth suit

If there is anyone else you would like to see suited up and joining the rankings, please let me know and I will make that happen 🙂 Let’s get a scrumptious gallery together here.

Top Ten Reasons I Like Chris Pine: Life of this City Girl

Well howdy do folks? Looks like I still have Top Ten lists making their way to me, albeit sporadically (cough cough – yes, my attempt at humour). At any rate, I think Natasha was having an absolute perve day when she decided to put together another list for me. This one is different than a lot of the others that I have done, seems that she wants to share her love here with us today! With little more, let me move this day over to Natasha!

Should you be interested in submitting a Top Ten list, draw up a list of either your top ten personal favourite movies or a top ten list by a specific genre/theme and send it along to me at Hope to see a few more lists!

Chris Pine: The Man, The Myth, The Legend

chris header

So I have made time in my enormously busy schedule to come and violate my best friend’s blog. Now, my Zermattenman (remember Mr. De Lange at school, friend?), usually runs a very serious minded establishment over here, full of the esteemed movies and books she usually watches and reads. A while back her blog became a safe haven for any individual that would like to express their interest in the characters that inhibit, and it became quite successful.

Now, why am I back? Haven’t I put enough men on here already? I did, I most likely did. Then I remembered that I had neglected my good friend Chris Pine, a man whose acting abilities know no bounds and whose fearlessness in the face of adversity is legendary.

Today I present to you the Top Ten Reasons I Like Chris Pine

1. He is a human, and I have never even heard a rumour otherwise.

You need all your actors and actresses to be human. I really have nothing against aliens, really, but the language and galaxial gap (I DID make that word up), would make co-production quite difficult. (That is why humans are often dressed up as aliens in movies. Speaking of aliens, my main man Chris Pine was in Star Trek). So, back to my point here – I haven’t actually heard that Chris Pine is a douche, anywhere. Rag Mags from Hollywood should never be trusted, but it usually becomes quickly known if a celebrity wants imported cow brains from Indonesia for their seventeen cats when they are on set. I have never heard anything about Pine that indicates that he is in-fact, a cow brain importer from Indonesia. I am not saying that Chris doesn’t occasionally swear at passive aggressive people, or at anyone who can’t use “their” and “there” correctly, but he does seem to be a normal guy without any dictator/serial killer tendencies. Normal people are desperately needed in this world, and I think no normal person, no matter their birth conditions or their job warrants unneeded hate.

chris eyes and beard

2. His eyes are as bluer than the waters that grace the shore of Bora Bora.

I mean, have you seen his sparkly lookers? They are intensely blue, incredibly beautiful and will pierce the most lost soul and fill it with the hope of tomorrow. You could swim everyday in the Sea of Pine and never feel homesick.


3. His bearded face looks like baby sloths could sleep on it, cushioned with marshmallows.

4. His face is as beautiful with a beard as it is without a beard. Not many men can pull this look off. Man is either made as a cave-impersonating millennial or as the casual, clean shaved metro-sexual (this statement isn’t in the least a horrid generalization of an entire gender).

5. Have you noticed the tiny speckles of grey in his beard? HOT. And the man doesn’t dye his beard, and he gets serious points for not doing that.

6. Him with glasses is the answer to every nerd girl’s dreams.

chris with glasses

Some people really like other people who smoke a ciggy (hint hint), and some people really like other people who really look intelligent (I was speaking about me, if you couldn’t guess, and then I would certainly not be referring to you). The next question is rather predictable – does Pine have any intelligence whatsoever, or does he just wear glasses to impress me? I would say that yes, I do think that Pine is intelligent – he has a bachelor’s degree in English from the University of California. I think you need to have a bit of brains to get any type of degree, amirite?

7. He probably smells very nice because he is a spokesperson for Armani cologne. *sniff sniff*

Chris Armani

8. Speaking of Armani, have you seen this beautiful specimen in a suit?

chris-pine suit

9. His smile promises that all the bad days are gone, that happiness is upon you, and that every care in the world has evaporated miraculously.

chris pine smile

10. Oh, he is relatively good actor too.

Look he is no Leonardo DiCaprio, Brad Pitt, Ralph Fiennes, Anthony Hopkins or Tom Hardy, but neither is he Jack Black, Adam Sandler or Taylor Lautner. He always does the best with the material he is given and produces relatively good movies. He hasn’t made made it in Hollywood yet, but I think the time is nigh and soon he will be everywhere.