Birthday celebrations!!

That’s right! It’s my birthday tomorrow, and I put in a week’s leave to catch up on doing absolutely nothing aside from movies, series and just general laziness. I might squeeze in some studies, though. It is time. I foresee a lazy birthday in my future this year, I just could not summon up the oomph to do anything major. Think it might be because I am saving time, energy and effort for my Mardi Gras idea for Halloween! Yep, I am one of those people, I love my birthday. It is the one day that is about me for a change, not each and every single other person I know. It is so awesome! So yeah, giving myself a post pat on the shoulder 😛

Birthday Zombie

I am hoping that I can get my friend Natasha here this weekend, but she has such a demanding job, and what with all the assistant’s flaking out, she is pretty much married to work. Wish me luck, but if not, there is plenty of other time to get her here!

Also, seriously looking forward to finally getting around to watching Django Unchained now that I will have so much free time, as well as Iron Man 3 next Wednesday, super excited! Aside from that, anyone have some suggestions for movies to watch over the weekend, or series, for that matter?


Ah, another Easter weekend


Yep, another Easter weekend. Unfortunately, Easter has never really been a big thing for me, but at least enough cause for celebration due to the inevitable and much appreciated long weekend, and that is always good.

This weekend, I have my mother visiting from the coast, and it is her first time visiting me in my town. I am sure we are going to have tons of fun, and she is going to see some beautiful places. I was thinking brunch in Kaapschehoop and a picnic at Mac Mac Pools in Sabie. Absolutely wonderful!

I am really looking forward to some relaxation time this weekend, but we will have to see how much of that I actually get done! Do any of you celebrate Easter, and/or have specific plans for the weekend?

Mac Mac Pools

A nightmarish box set

So for Christmas I finally got the A Nightmare On Elm Street collection from my boyfriend, Ricky, and I am thrilled. I love it! This is really old school, B-movie horror. The amount of cheese in it actually tends to just rectify it all and make it brilliant.

Nightmare on Elm Street DVD Box SetSoon, my friends, there will be extensive reviews on all seven of them included in the box set… for now, I am savouring it!

Happy Halloween, anyone?

In fear of being dubbed a conformist, let me explain. This is so depressing. While so many other people all over the world get to celebrate Halloween, I sit here, working. Not that I am saying no one else is working, but at least most people are getting involved with the festivities! The biggest tribute I could do for the holiday was my nails and my shirt. In my country, Halloween means nothing, and that sucks.

I am very fortunate to say that I have participated in a bona fide, trick-or-treat Halloween before, back when I was in the United States. Best thing ever? Take a pillow case out with you, you are bound to score a heck of a lot more candy off the street! I know many people who have not had the pleasure of experiencing the holiday in its entirety, and I believe that it is something that everyone should do at least once in their lives!

But never fear! I make my own Halloween. I host insane dress up parties, we have candy, good music, very difficult to come by decorations, and most importantly, awesome company with which to commemorate the evening.

What are you all doing for Halloween? Is Halloween a celebrated occasion/holiday where you are?