Rapid Review: Final Destination 3 (2006)


“Ok, what if, for example, the last in line were to make the utilitarian choice. Kill themselves. Well, wow, that’s pretty much gonna ruin any plan Death’s put in motion. And even better, I think that’s gonna save, five skipped lives. Any takers?”
– Ian McKinley

SYNOPSIS: A clairvoyant high school senior has a premonition of a fatal roller coaster accident at an amusement park that involves her and her friends. Her vision prevents her and her friends deaths, but the unseen forces of darkness once again set out to kill the survivors that were supposed to die in the freak accident. – via IMDB

final destination 3 beheading

GRADE 6.5Another film down! This was the last of the actual decent ones, if you ask me. The next installment is absolutely terrible! But this one? Still had things going. Yeah, still some cheesy effects, but not as bad as some of the others. Also, this one, while following the recipe, just felt a little different. I don’t know if that just boils down to it looking better overall. Let’s go with that. Final Destination 3 had some brilliantly gross and creative deaths in it, and I know one that particularly stands out is the tanning bed debacle, because really, that was some sick stuff right there. Eeeeew. Also, the nail gun death was also pretty nasty, and worked. Come on, we all know we watch these movies for some strange, complicated deaths and all, sketchy effects aside. You know, typical of a horror movie I can’t really complain of things that would be important in a normal movie. Example? How Wendy and Kevin weren’t friends to start with, and then after both losing their partners, they get really tight. I get that nothing brings people together faster than tragedy, but there was no way that it was built up, put together cleanly, just suddenly happened. But that is a typical horror film for you, logic is not the most important thing, the gore and death and fear is (though really, if you worked on it more, the fear would seep in better and linger longer, but then it is no longer a popcorn flick because it has substance). I also wasn’t a big fan of the concept of the photos showing how everyone was going to die. Sure, it was different from the others, and sure, it didn’t show exactly how they were going to go, but instead of the clues being hidden in other places, they were smack bang right there in the photos, and only there. Anyway, it was another fun watch, maybe not as good as the last two,  but not bad.