Review: To Kill A Mockingbird – Harper Lee


to kill a mockingbird book cover

To read a summary of what the book is about if you have (like me) not read it over the years, you can go here.

GRADE 8.5My mother was horrified to learn that of all the thousands of books I have read, To Kill A Mockingbird was not one of them. Let me just say, in my defence, that is isn’t as though I haven’t tried! It’s just there seemed to be a million things preventing me getting to it. I finally decided to get to it when  my mom got on my nerves to try it out. I can completely understand now why this book is so extremely popular and why it is taught all over the world. What an absolutely stunning story! I loved the characters, I loved the events, it was not a thoughtless text, there was so much going on. Initially, I was not sure what the deal with Boo Radley was, but I loved the inclusion of it and I loved how those children relentlessly pursued their attempts to see him at the very least. Atticus Finch was truly an honourable man, and his character fascinated me endlessly. Jem and Scout had the most adorable relationship, and I loved reading about them and their antics. The issues that were tackled in this book are still in play today, which is truly unfortunate. Telling the story from the perspective of a child was also a stroke of genius. The book flowed really nicely, and the plot was nice – the way it took shape was very gradual, and then pulling from all over the show, but never once getting confusing. I cannot believe it took me this long to get to this book, but goodness knows that I am glad I finally did. It was an exceptionally rewarding read, and definitely something I can see myself revisiting time and time again. I finally understand the hype. You know what’s insane? I managed to avoid any and all spoilers pertaining to this book throughout my lifetime o.O Shocking, I know, but it was well worth it. What a fresh, new read (for me, people). Scout, too, was an absolute joy for me, she was just not going to conform to what society expected of her, and was completely content to live her life, not to sit by and judge others. Her hands on approach to life was awesome, and the way she was never going to let being a female be a handicap was something I enjoyed. I do love a strong character, and her innocence in it all made her all the more endearing, too. Aunt Alexandra grew as a character, too, and I always appreciated Calpurnia, she was a great figure in the lives of the Finch children. Well, needless to say I was exceptionally impressed with this read.