When two of your addictions successfully meet…


Star Wars Meets Pulp Fiction2

Then you get this…

My friend painted this for me, knowing how much I love Pulp Fiction as well as the Star Wars saga. She created me a custom piece of art. It is definitely one of the coolest things that I have ever gotten! I love gifts that come from the heart, such as this one is. That is what she went for with this. I am looking for a plain black wood frame for it now so that I can mount it as soon as possible!

Caroline Street Art


I would like to dedicate today’s blog to an amazing artist.



Caroline Street is a South African artist living in Nelspruit, and she is phenomenal! What a down to earth, at peace with the world kind of lady… she never ceases to amaze me. Take a few minutes out of your day to go and have a look at her page. I guarantee you that you will find something on there that touches you. I was fortunate enough to receive her painting, the Power of Prayer, for my birthday this year. Caroline is extremely passionate about her work, and this can be seen distinctly on the canvas. Her work is beautiful, honest and heartfelt.

The photos that you see here are just a taste of the artwork that her fine hands produce. And as if art was not enough, the words that flow from the tip of her pen are gorgeous in themselves as well. If you are interested in buying any of her work, sites are listed on her page of where to buy prints as well as originals. An all-round winner, and highly recommended, go check her out!