Blind Spot Movies


Blind Spot Series 2015

January: The Ides of March (2011)

February: Magic Mike (2012)

March: Rush (2013)

April: Children of Men (2006)

May: To Kill A Mockingbird (1962)

June: Brokeback Mountain (2005)

July: Mulholland Drive (2001)

August: The King of Comedy (1982)

September: Amélie (2001)

October: The Descent (2005)

November: The Bourne Legacy (2012)

December: Love Actually (2003)

2015 Rankings



Blind Spot Series 2016

January: Swingers (1996)

February: Moon (2009)

March: True Romance (1993)

April: Let The Right One In (2008)

May: The Breakfast Club (1985)

June: Billy Elliot (2000)

July: Oldboy (2003)

August: Into The Wild (2007)

September: Insomnia (2002)

October: On The Waterfront (1954)

November: Chinatown (1974)

December: It’s A Wonderful Life (1946)

2016 Rankings



Blind Spot Series 2017

January: Say Anything (1989)

February: Atonement (2007)

March: The Road (2009)

April: The Help (2011)

May: Rear Window (1954)

June: Only Lovers Left Alive (2013)

July: Cronos (1993)

August: The Orphanage (2007)

September: JFK (1991)

October: Deliverance (1972)

November: City of God (2002)

December: Once Upon A Time In America (1984)

2017 Rankings



Blind Spot Series 2018

January: Eastern Promises (2007)

February: Sixteen Candles (1984)

March: Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy (2004)

April: Straight Outta Compton (2015)

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