SYNOPSIS: The twisting, turning, stranger-than-fiction true story of the Brobergs, a naive, church-going Idaho family that fell under the spell of a sociopathic neighbor with designs on their twelve-year-old daughter. – via IMDB

WTF?? No, really, wtf????? I cannot write a legitimate review. I just have questions. Questions like who the fuck:

  • Lets some manky dude sleep in the bed with their daughter for months?
  • Gave the kids back to these obviously negligent parents?
  • Starts banging the man that abducted their 12 year old (whom the abductor then marries and refuses to return her back home)?
  • Lets a man get away with this to harm their own daughter more and other girls because of wanking someone off?
  • Returns an abducted child to the man who abducted her in the first place?
  • Takes forever and six days to report their daughter missing?

So after all of this, all I can say that while this is not a great documentary, it is one of the most insane you will ever see. I have so many issues with what I have watched, and have no way to review this other than WHAT THE FUCK?! So much crap going on everywhere. This is no Bundy tapes, or Paradise Lost or anything like that. But it is a crazy viewing experience. My husband thought I was watching one thing, and then when it got to the bit on Berchtold manipulating Jan with aliens, he thought it was another show completely and that I was indulging my inner Fox Mulder. Har har.

And I know it’s bad, but there is also the legitimacy issue. As in, the only people in this whole documentary are the family, and one stray FBI agent. No reporters. No cops. No psychologists, teachers, friends, agents, anything. So no, that doesn’t lend much to truth in my mind. I’m not saying it didn’t happen (obviously shit went down), I’m just saying it’s a bit sketchy. Maybe I am just fussy? Need more critical examination? Don’t know. It was just… too bizarre.


12 thoughts on “Review: Abducted in Plain Sight (2017)

  1. theipc says:

    Dear IJB,

    What the fuck indeed? It doesn’t even understand what It is looking at.



    Liked by 1 person

    1. Zoë says:

      Kind Chop,

      What the fuck??? 😶 Did It watch this too??



  2. Haha, I couldn’t agree with you more! It’s all so unreal that if it was actually a fictional movie we’d all be blasting it for being so ridiculous.

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    1. Zoë says:

      Exactly! If this was fiction it would be completely ripped apart! Absolute lunacy.


  3. Jade says:

    Truth is stranger than fiction! The next time someone calls a movie out for loopholes, we can point them to this. 😂

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    1. Zoë says:

      🤭🤣 Yes! Like there are loopholes and then there is this!

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  4. abbiosbiston says:

    This whole story is just insane. Like beyond insane.

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    1. Zoë says:

      Absolutely. Fucking. Crackers. 🤯


  5. Tom says:

    Man this one has drawn some intense reactions!!! (Why does that make me want to watch it even more? Just like with Leaving Neverland.)

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Zoë says:

      It’s the craziest thing 🤣 I would love to hear yours opinion!

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