Review: The Ritual (2017)

“My old scoutmaster used to say ‘If the shortcut was a shortcut, it wouldn’t be called a shortcut, it would be called a route’.”
– Dom

SYNOPSIS: A group of college friends reunite for a trip to the forest, but encounter a menacing presence in the woods that’s stalking them. – via IMDB

So I have been meaning to catch up with this at some stage since the posters took over the tube stations before it was released, and found it the other day. Decided to give it a go with my husband, and I thought it to be a pretty decent horror overall.

We have the isolation of the woods, some friends out and about in the wild to pay their final respects to a dead friend, so there is that whole aspect. Naturally their perfectly planned trip fall apart, and we get into the horror neck of things when they enter into the woods. Things start to go haywire from there, and I like the fact that the movie took its time with that. Subtle freaky things happening, nothing too on the nose.

The Ritual is really weird in the sense of how the scary things happen, blurring between reality and the nightmare of our main peanut basically, and the two get twisted together. Also, the creepy that is hunting them really is creepy, because you never see too much of the monster, and when you do, it really is messed up. Near the end we might have seen a touch  more than was strictly necessary (I always prefer glimpses and the concept of the big bad more than I actually like seeing it), but it didn’t ruin it. The Ritual is suspenseful and maintains that and the eeriness throughout, which is quite a feat, considering how that gets forgotten so often nowadays.

There is not too much to say other than this is a pretty good one. I don’t know how it will stand up to rewatch, or if that would even be necessary, but it is worth it while you are watching. There are some niggles, of course, and definitely some flawed logic, but for the most part it works. The pacing isn’t bad, laying everything out without rushing it or dragging it. The actors all did a good job, too. The fear is truly there, and I enjoyed it. I didn’t love it like some horrors, but this is definitely better than I was expecting.

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