100 Happy Days 2: Day 81 – 90

Welcome to the penultimate post of my second round of the 100 Happy Days challenge. Once again, this is a challenge that I have enjoyed, even though it was a bitch to remember to take photos all the time. Thanks for checking it out, too, guys!

Day 81:

I do so love my new jacket. It’s comfy and soft and lovely. Yeah.

Day 82:

Got some choccies – they were quite nice 🙂

Day 83:

Picked up some really nice wool on sale the other day – gosh it is so soft and is lovely to work with. Loving this project when I do get to work on it.

Day 84:

Ooooh, coffee and biscuits!

Day 85:

My go to lipstick for anything and everything is Revlon Suplerlustruous Lipstick in Mauvy Night. So pretty.

Day 86:

Had ridiculous amounts of fun rewatching The Boondock Saints. I totally get why it is a cult classic. Plus Norman Reedus is freaking gorgeous – even with a faulty accent at the best of times.

Day 87:

I quite like this Avon Attraction For Her perfume. Very nice for every day.

Day 88:

Yep, me and my nails again. This time it is Revlon Gel Envy in Hold ‘Em. Lovely dusty dark purple.

Day 89:

Oh yeah, mah new boots! Love them so much and they are comfy and look great. Oh yeah.

Day 90:

Hmmmmm! Nothing like hot chocolate when the weather starts cooling down!

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