100 Happy Days 2: Day 71 – 80

Can you believe how quickly this challenge is zipping by?!

Day 71:

Absolutely awesome gift from a friend. I have always wanted one of these Urban Decay eye-shadow palettes. It’s been awesome.

Day 72:

So recently I went through the exercise of spring cleaning my nail polish collection, and boy, was it cathartic. Definitely time to sort through it, much to my husband’s delight.

Day 73:

I honestly think gift cards get a really bad rap, but I think they can be great gifts.

Day 74:

Oh yeah! Been looking for years for a nice, sturdy case for my hard drive. I finally found one the other day and it’s awesome. And yes, purple.

Day 75:

While my husband was out fishing with his dad this weekend, I rewatched a few movies, of which Lawless really was my favourite. The movie does not get the love it deserves.

Day 76:

Bittersweet moment again. Finished my Fringe binge once again, and I am sad it is done, but had a total blast watching this again. What a fantastic show.

Day 77:

My colleague bought me a Cherry Coke – blissssss.

Day 78:

When we were on honeymoon in Italy, my husband and I stumbled on these Twinkie-like cake things out there, and we loved them. I came across these in a store near me recently, and decided to give this flavour a shot. Nostalgia.

Day 79:

Ah man, did I have fun or what?! We got to build our own ice creams at Milky Lane, which thrilled me endlessly because I could have my Crunchie and my Jelly Tots and soft serve. Oh hells yeah.

Day 80:

Been a while since I photographed a manicure, but this is a new Avon Gel Finish polish I got recently called Very Berry. Quite a nice shade.

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