Review: Arrival (2016)

“There are days that define your story beyond your life. Like the day they arrived.”
– Dr Louise Banks

SYNOPSIS: When twelve mysterious spacecraft appear around the world, linguistics professor Louise Banks is tasked with interpreting the language of the apparent alien visitors. – via IMDB

I saw a trailer for this a while ago and thought it looked interesting. I was infinitely more curious when I saw Denis Villeneuve’s name attached to the project as I rather like his work. Arrival did not disappoint at all, and was definitely one of the better alien movies I have seen in a while, and I am a sucker for them. It definitely got right what most alien movies don’t – the movie maintained an air of mystery, it was smart, while the aliens were super important, we didn’t get to see too much of them (I mean this visually, not that they were not present), but what we did see of them was icky man.

Despite having Amy Adams helm the film (which for me could potentially have held it back, she is one of those actresses that irrationally annoys the shit out of me), it worked out just fine. In fact, I think Adams did a good job with the material she was given. I also enjoyed Jeremy Renner in this, and liked the interactions between Ian and Louise. I was glad that Villeneuve did not force a love story into the middle of this, as a romance was totally secondary to all that was going on.

I really liked how the film took time to set itself up. It was never rushed, or too slow and dull. The story was also very engaging. It took its time to set up a solid movie, which was also directed perfectly and visually appealing, well acted, and had a brilliant score to accompany it. There was just so much to enjoy here. As I mentioned before, I was pleased that we didn’t see too much of the aliens, as it maintained mystery and kept them super creepy. I appreciate how smart Arrival is, too, because I love a movie that makes me think.

Arrival is an impressive alien/sci-fi film, and definitely impressed me. I can highly recommend it. Sharp, shot beautifully and carried by strong performances, this movie will make you think on things for quite some time, and I like that.

You can totally skip the trailer and just go straight on to the movie.

15 thoughts on “Review: Arrival (2016)

  1. Absolutely love this film. It’s definitely my favourite film from last year. Real shame that Amy Adams wasn’t nominated for best actress at the Oscars. She deserved it for such an incredible performance. Great review.

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  2. Awesome Zoe! Glad you got to see this AND really enjoyed it. (Secretly I was sweating, waiting to see what score you were gonna give it. An 8 is pretty damn perfect. 😀 )

    I loved the things this movie suggested. I tend to do a lot of thinking on my own and I love when movies help encourage people to think more. There’s something noble about movies like Arrival I think. And Alien. Can’t WAIT for Covenant and then later Awakening.

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    1. xD Waiting and sweating? HAHA! I really liked how this one was done, definitely had more depth to it than the trailer suggested. Nothing quite like a movie that makes you think. Definitely looking forward to seeing how the new Alien goes.

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  3. Saw this on release last November and have the Blu-ray on pre-order (out tomorrow, yay!)…so needless to say I liked it a lot. Glad to here you did too Zoe – a shame you’re not fond of Amy Adams though I think she’s generally great (really like her take on Lois Lane) and definitely deserved an Oscar nom for this.

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    1. Ah, this is totally a movie worth owning, so good! Oh no, she grates on me, and I really resent her Lois Lane hahaha. I don’t know, we all have those actors/actresses that just annoy us. I have never liked her, but thought she was just fine here.

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