Review: Suicide Squad (2016)


“But we almost pulled it off despite what everybody thought. Worst part of it is they’re going to blame us for the whole thing. They can’t have people knowing the truth. We’re the patsies; the cover up. Don’t forget, we’re the bad guys.:
– Deadshot

SYNOPSIS: A secret government agency recruits some of the most dangerous incarcerated super-villains to form a defensive task force. Their first mission: save the world from the apocalypse. – via IMDB


GRADE 6This movie is one of the films this year that got showered in hate. And a lot of it. I have finally seen it to form my very own opinion and, while I thought it was messy and a missed opportunity, it really was not the heinous film that it has been painted. There was quite a bit to like, but there was more to dislike, and that is quite the issue.

We know David Ayer has the goods – just look at Fury, if you want a quick, amazing example. He knows how to shoot a film, and weave a super engaging story. Suicide Squad did not do that, and it sucks, because there were moments in the film where you could almost see something brilliant hiding, something that could have broken free. I thought the film boasted some super sketchy effects, and it really just threw you out of the watching experience.

Let’s also look at the whole concept of the Enchantress. Why? I mean Amanda Waller creates the Suicide Squad, but in so doing creates the threat, and then her newly formed squad must end the threat? Come on. Let’s also not forget a group of psychopaths becoming besties in a matter of hours. As a psychology graduate, I had such issues with this. The music, too, was something that irritated me. Initially it was something I loved, great music choices, but ultimately it was something that grated on me because it felt like as many cool songs as possible were being squeezed in, and when the soundtrack becomes more important than the film, and overshadows what you are watching and pulls you out of the movie, you have done something wrong.

I gotta say though that the performances were pretty good. I thought Robbie and Smith worked wonders together, and were hands down the standouts of the film. One of my biggest issues with this? Jared Leto as the Joker. In the trailer I could already tell he wasn’t going to work for me, but I had no idea how terrible he was actually going to be. Every time he came on the screen, I felt that he was just killing the movie for me. Ugh.

Overall, the movie wanted to be something more than it was, and it was sad because you could see something awesome trying to escape the mess it eventually was. It didn’t break barriers tot he genre, and was quite predictable throughout. Not the worst watch in the world, and certainly not deserving of the hate, but it’s a decent, mindlessly entertaining watch.


11 thoughts on “Review: Suicide Squad (2016)

    1. I think the movie got more flak than it deserved, but it isn’t worth rushing to check out. If you are bored and need something to watch, sure, but it isn’t worth too much effort, in my opinion.

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  1. Fair look at one of the most hated movies of this year! It was between this and Dawn of Justice (though I think Dawn of Justice got shit on even more). We differ on Jared Leto’s Joker a little, I quite liked him but his role in the movie was just so awkward and borderline unnecessary. Leto was a freak and a half. That guy goes in all the way for the roles he plays and I admire that about him, even if it apparently makes him a tough guy to work with. (Not sure if you heard all the stories about him staying in character on set and basically acting a fool around everyone or not but I would imagine he was difficult to deal with.) We do agree pretty wholeheartedly on the point that David Ayer is a great filmmaker and he just couldn’t win the battle between himself and the idiots at the studio who demanded the film be “a certain way.”


  2. The worst thing about this is that it didn’t stand-out in the end. It looked like it could rectify the biggest mistakes DC are making but just ended up being another generic superhero movie.

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  3. Great review bestie!
    I don’t get why people hated this film so much. It was rather entertaining to me, despite all the negative press. I didn’t hate Leto that much, but he’s no Heath Ledger.

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  4. It had the raw tools of being something truly unruly, but apart from Margot, it was one big wet fart. At least, that was my experience. Also, all the superheroes are fighting gods now…how can they go back to saving cats in trees?? X-Men Apocalypse, Dr Strange, Suicide Squad…all fightings gods. I’m guessing Infinity War will be no different. At what point do they bump their collective heads on the stakes ceiling?

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