Rapid Review: Carnage Park (2016)

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SYNOPSIS: After botching an ill-conceived bank robbery in a desolate California town, two wannabe crooks flee the scene with a hostage and lead the local lawmen on a dangerous high-speed chase. – via IMDB

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GRADE 6Alrighty, so I have been interested in seeing this for a bit, but not desperate or anything. I recently read horrormeister Ryan’s review on it, and I watched this at the behest of Eric, the Chop. We chatted about it a bit over here this week. Well, I settled down to watch this, and then played Punch Buggy on my husband’s arm for quite a chunk of this film. Oh wait, wait, back to the movie! I thought it was okay. Like, it starts really well. I love the washed out, sad, dusty colour palette, and then there was the hysterical, mad Scorpion Joe with his ‘stache and hair comb, and his dead partner Lenny. Naturally there was the terribly unfortunate Vivian, who was taken hostage. Seriously, the first bit of the movie is engrossing, it really is. You just want to know what happens. Heck, even up to the point when we get to the real crux of the film, I was all over it. However, then it just gets to this place where, instead of keeping this crazy train on the go, it becomes a rather generic, run of the mill survival horror thing. I loved the way this movie looked, and I loved the heavy 70s desert feel and look, and I really liked the totally bizarre and creepy flashes that took over in sections of the movie, and the eclectic music fit this film like a glove, to be sure. I did not like how dark the end of the movie was – and I mean this literally, when they were down in the mines. You couldn’t see anything, and that frustrated me endlessly. I also really liked Ashley Bell’s portrayal of Vivian, and thought that Pat Healy, while initially disturbing, lost his menacing factor when he was never fleshed out. He was just cuckoo, hunting people. That really took out all that was scary, in my opinion. The Moss brothers were both a little unhinged, and that worked, too. However, as a whole, the movie had two totally different tones (the first and second half are vastly different) and it is uneven and a bit messy, and definitely brings nothing new to the table.

19 thoughts on “Rapid Review: Carnage Park (2016)

  1. I think i have heard of this movie from your same sources (Ryan)! I do look forward to seeing what this is all about, while preparing myself for maybe a slight disappointment. I forgot Pat Healy was in this

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  2. Emmy. I too like Ashley Bell after seeing her in The Last Excorcism. Pat Healy was disgusting in Compliance. This does look like one I will see after a late night of drinking and that rarely happens for me any more

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