Rapid Review: Hush (2016)

hush movie poster 2016

“I can come in anytime I want. And I can get you, anytime I want. But I’m not going to. Not until it’s time. When you wish you’re dead… that’s when I’ll come inside.”
– Man 

SYNOPSIS: A deaf writer who retreated into the woods to live a solitary life must fight for her life in silence when a masked killer appears at her window. – via IMDB

hush stalker and maddie

GRADE 6Well, well, well. Here we are with the latest Mike Flanagan film. You all know I was a huge fan of Absentia, and I liked Oculus just fine. I was all for his new movie, Hush, and was stoked when Netflix put it out so early by us. I was intrigued by the concept, it sounded a little different than your usual home invasion movie. For all intents and purposes, this should have been great, but it wasn’t. Not that it was bad, obviously (my score reflects this), but I just feel that some things fell flat. The biggest offended for me was the Creepy Stalker Dude losing his mask so early on. The minute it came off, he became just a man, no more, no less. This Stalker Dude is playing games with Maddie, the deaf and mute woman who resides in the isolated cabin, and there are thrills and there is some immensely flawed logic. By reading all of that, what I am essentially saying is that this movie isn’t a game changer at all. Nothing new, no change to the recipe (except for the victim being disabled, so it puts a new spin on things). Kate Siegel delivers a strong performance as Maddie, but I felt that John Gallagher Jr. was just a bit flat. He never actually terrified me, drew me in, made me wince or worry. It wasn’t a bad watch, the movie didn’t drag out (it has a runtime of 81 minutes), and keeps you entertained, but sure as heck won’t stay with you when all is said and done.

21 thoughts on “Rapid Review: Hush (2016)

  1. I’ve seen this lying around for a while now but never took the plunge. Might have to throw 81 minutes at it and see what happens. Nice job, as always.

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    1. Oh man, I LOVED Tucker and Dale vs Evil, and I was sure I was going to freaking hate that (I hope we are on the same page, and I am not on about a different movie xD), but this one? Just okay. I way preferred Absentia to this, and even then I liked Oculus more. I guess I just expected more. Oh well. I am stoked to hear that you enjoyed it so much though!

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      1. I liked it so much hahaha, it was well worth it. Should totally rewatch it again sometime.

        Absentia is Flanagan’s best movie, hands down. It was small budget, but it was fantastic and creepy and just right in all the right ways. Man, so good. If you can find it, I highly recommend it!

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  2. As I’m not into horror, this one doesn’t really appeal to me Zoë. Btw, do you have a good espionage or dramatic thriller books you can recommend? I finished an alternate history novel set just post WWII called SS-GB that I really like.

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    1. Ah, was just okay. Hmmmm, I would actually have to think on that one and get back to you! A good WWII spy novel type drama that I read last year was recommended by Abbi and it was really good – it’s called Code Name Verity by Elizabeth Wein.


  3. Nice review, Zoë. I watched this one (in preparation for October – I save up all the horror films I watch at home for then. Which means I still have to review Absentia, which I saw in November!). I think I liked this slightly more than you did but I do think it poops out a bit after a great & promising start. I did like that the female lead was such a strong character but, overall, it was just an okay film. I liked it more than Oculus, though. And less than Absentia. : )

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    1. Absentia is bloody brilliant, but this one fell a bit flat for me. It did start so well, too! Yeah, I did like that she was stronger than most characters (especially females) in this type of role, so good for her!

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