Rapid Review: Rain Man (1988)

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“What you have to understand is, four days ago he was only my brother in name. And this morning we had pancakes.”
– Charlie Babbitt 

SYNOPSIS: Selfish yuppie Charlie Babbitt’s father dies and leaves a fortune — to Raymond, the institutionalized savant brother that Charlie didn’t know he had. They set out on a cross-country journey of discovery. – via IMDB

rain man k-mart sucks

GRADE 7You know, Tom Cruise get hated on way too much. I believe he is quite the crackpot in real life, but I think he is a pretty good actor, and to see him with Dustin Hoffman here was well worth it. Tom Cruise plays a real mean twit in Rain Man, a money hungry dweeb who is bitter that his father wrote him out of his will, and even angrier when he learns that he has an autistic brother he knew nothing about, and that Raymond is entitled to everything. Half the time you just want to slap Charlie for being an insufferable toolbag, and Raymond is highly amusing at the best of times. “Uh oh” became synonymous with something hilarious on the way, and “definitely” was also paired with laughter. However, as much fun as this movie is, there are flaws to it, too, which are often overlooked. They aren’t all glaring, and not all terrible, but some things just don’t work out as well as you would like. I am not a fan of the score, and the pacing was also a bit of an issue at the best of times. Some events were extremely unbelievable, too, which detracted from the movie for me in places. Something I did like a lot, however, was the accuracy that they went with in displaying Raymond’s autism spectrum disorder. SPOILER: I also like that there was no perfect, happy ending because that would have been so unrealistic and ruined the whole thing for me. I had quite a laugh while the brothers were in Vegas, very good! Anyhow, Rain Man is entertaining, contains quite a few decent performances and is enjoyable, though flawed.

26 thoughts on “Rapid Review: Rain Man (1988)

  1. Tom Cruise is actually one of my favorite actors of all time, and I did get to watch Rain man, and so liked it I watched it again, and this reminds me to buy a dvd copy of this movie to add to our collection of great movies.

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    1. Go ahead, grow that collection! I think he is a very entertaining actor, he’s consistent in his work. Glad to hear you enjoyed this so much!


  2. Great post Zoë. This is yet another great movie I need to watch. And I’m with you, he may be a little odd but Cruise gets way too much hate. He isn’t the best there is but he is still very capable. I love Hoffman though… damn I really need to see this.

    *another flick added to The List

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      1. I’m sure I will, I have many friends on the Autism spectrum. And I totally agree with you, Cruise is a reliable actor. Perhaps a little crazy with the whole jumping on the coach/Scientology stuff, but the guy can act. I really liked him in Eyes Wide Shut.

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  3. I still need to see this!! And yeah, why is Tom Cruise such a great actor but a total nutso in real life? hmm. . . a connection there? 😉

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  4. Aw, I haven’t seen this in years. Really liked it at the time. Hoffman was great in this! : ) Yeah, Cruise’s real life antics have hurt his career but he’s been in some great stuff. Too bad.

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    1. Hoffman was great. Yeah, Cruise’s antics have really hurt the public perception of him, but it doesn’t change the fact that he is a good, consistent actor. Oh well.

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