Short Wedding Hiatus

Hi guys!

I am not one that usually disappears or anything like that, and I am sure you have noticed (maybe) that recently I have been living up to my blog’s title for a change 🙂 Anyway, I am going to be out of commission for a few weeks because the wedding is finally upon us… we’re getting married next week!

kermit yay

Yep, super excited and I just can’t wait! It’s so damn close now! The last few weeks have been ridiculous, and I am quite looking forward to putting all the family stress behind me and starting this new chapter of our lives together, and things getting back to semi normal again. It’s going to be so awesome!

i love you i know

Right after the wedding we are flying out to Italy for our honeymoon 😀 Yay! We are going to go to Italy and see Rome, Florence, and Venice.


We are going on an adventure, that’s what! And who better to go with than your best friend and partner?

i'm going on an adventure

I plan to eat like a queen, drink the local wines, create an awesome experience with my other half and have a total blast. We are so looking forward to it, and have been counting down the days for ages!

wine pizza pizza 2

Have a good one guys, and catch you soon!

suitcase running

69 thoughts on “Short Wedding Hiatus

    1. 😀 Thanks Tom! I just can’t wait – I can’t even tell you when last I traveled abroad! Certainly never as an adult, so I am seriously looking forward to going out and just doing my thing!

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      1. And btw it was crazy, when my mom and dad travelled to Italy last summer they actually were seated right in front of Dennis Quaid at this tiny little restaurant. You never know who you might meet!

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      2. Will definitely post some pics and things, share some stories 🙂

        Oh wow, imagine that! Didn’t you post a pic of that on your blog at a stage? I am sure I recall that!

        Did they go purely as American tourists, or could they speak some basic Italian? Just for interest’s sake 🙂

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      3. Yeah they were just touring through. It was when my mom was getting sicker so my dad took them on a nice trip. 🙂 And yeah I did actually include that pic in that tribute to my mom. Forgot i did that!

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      4. Ah, many thanks. As tough as a post as it was to make I think it was one of my favorites. It was so hard to put up reviews after it b/c part of me wanted it to be the last thing on here. But of course the advantage of a blog is that stuff will always be there (well, given that i continue to maintain this account at the OUTRAGEOUS cost of $18/year 😉 ). Again, thanks. Means a lot.

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      5. Awwwwwww, I get that. But that is why blogs are awesome. Pffff, yeah, that $18 is a KILLER. I can see why you would potentiall drop it 😉


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      1. Wish I could come to the wedding, but I guess the plane ticket u sent me got lost in the mail. Guess ull just have to suffice by having me there in spirit. Sorry ;(

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  1. All the best Zoe! Have a great time in Italy.
    Here are my food suggestions:
    – pasta cacio e pepe and saltimbocca in Rome
    – crostini di fegatini and bistecca alla fiorentina in Florence
    – riso e bisi and sarde in saor in Venice
    Trust me, I’m Italian, I know what I’m talking about 😉

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    1. Thank you so much Marta, I’m incredibly excited!

      Ooooooh, I’ve taken a screenshot of this to be sure to try it out when we’re there. I trust your recommendations, you are Italian, after all! 😀

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  2. YAY! Congrats, Zoe!! Sorry – not been on the blogs much so totally missed your post. I knew the wedding was coming up soon so I’ve just dropped by to check on you. Hope you’re having (or had by this point?!) a lovely time in Italy! I’ve always wanted to go there. Can’t wait to see all your photos. You better do a big wedding/honeymoon post! 🙂

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    1. Thanks lady! The wedding was awesome and on our last night in Italy – we travel home from Venice tomorrow! Hope you are well 🙂 Also – you better believe there is going to be a post!

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  3. I hope you had an amazing day and a brilliant honeymoon! I love what you said about having an adventure with your best friend and partner. Made me smile 🙂 love you Zoe!!!!!!!!! ❤

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    1. Ahhhhh, thank you ever so kindly Em! It was a wonderful wedding and a super exciting honeymoon! I hope to post a little on them both sometime. I really am so lucky 🙂


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      1. It all sounds incredible!!! You are obviously very loved up and with your soul mate (and best friend!) so what more could you ask for. It makes ME smile so god knows how happy you must be 🙂 🙂 🙂

        How was Italy? Which were your favourite places? I’ve been to Rome and Venice and I loved them both, hard to compare as they’re so different. I couldn’t believe how tiny Venice actually was! But for historical value Rome was incredible! (for Prosecco value, Venice all the way haha) was Florence amazing too? What things did you do? I’d love to go there one day and Naples as well.

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      2. 😀 Thanks.

        Italy was such an experience! It IS hard to compare because they are so different. I think I had the most fun in Rome because there was just SO much to do and the history is so rich. Florence was way more my speed in terms of how I like things and it is absolutely stunning and also smaller than expected, and Venice was way smaller than I expected – I was actually a little shocked. It is so gorgeous at night though. As for Florence? Well worth checking out, you should totally go sometime. Getting to see the Duomo was freaking awesome, I have always wanted to see it and it was not disappointing at all.

        Gosh, we walked A LOT. I walked through two pairs of shoes! It was such a liberating experience to be able to walk around (we can’t do that here at home). We went sightseeing, we ate, we drank a lot of wine, we explored and adventured and took more photos than we ever have before (we are SO not picture people). We also ate a ton of gelato, because really, that stuff is absolutely delicious. We did shopping, too, and bartering with the vendors was quite an experience, too. We did a tour in each city, too, which was exceptionally interesting.

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      3. I will try to get to Florence! I looked up some pics on google images yesterday and looks lovely 🙂

        That’s awesome you walked through two pairs of shoes 🙂 I took little wellies to Venice (in case it flooded haha!! What a twat) and came back with ingrown toenails. How lovely! I’m not sure why I’m sharing this all online….

        It all sounds so lovely and romantic and adventurous 🙂 I’m not really a ‘photo’ person either, I look crap in most photos and I can never be arsed to get my camera out (camera?! I mean PHONE obviously) when I’m walking around and looking at things. It kind of ruins it! But it’s so nice to have some great photos of course.

        Venice is so small we kept seeing people that were on our flight lol. It was a lovely place but Rome was more ‘once in a lifetime’.

        I know I probably sound like the biggest ignoramus and I do have suspicions as to why, but how comes you don’t walk around much at home? xxx

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      4. Florence was spectacular.

        I mean two pairs! I considered taking wellies, but then I was figured we weren’t really there in high rain season, so skipped it. If it was that wet, I was prepared to go out and buy a pair xD

        Oh, I am SO glad someone gets it. I like to experience it first hand, not through a screen. It is necessary to have some pics, but not of every single little thing ever. And yes… by camera we mean phone xD

        LOL! Yes – that would show you how small it is. We kept seeing the same people from tours, etc. everywhere.

        It is… very dangerous, to say the least. We have some seriously vicious crime here, unfortunately, which is very sad because we have a truly stunning country.



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