Review: The 10 Worst Psychopaths: The Most Depraved Killers In History – Victor McQueen

the 10 worst psychopaths victor mcqueen

I received this book in exchange for an honest review.

SYNOPSIS: Often, the term ‘psychopath’ tends to be equated with violent and deranged criminality. By examining the 10 worst psychopaths throughout history, this book shows how true psychopaths know the difference between right and wrong. And they appear on the surface to be entirely ‘normal’. Chillingly, they are usually the person you would least suspect. – via Goodreads

GRADE 7.5I have a crazy fascination with serial killers and psychopaths. It is bad. If I find a book on them, or the topic, I will read it. I think every person has a small corner of them that is intrigued by the darkness showcased by others because we don’t all completely understand it. How does one get to that twisted place in life? This book is a very fast read, which is great, and it doesn’t get too heavy and factual for those who not too interested in the super nitty gritty of the individuals and their crimes, and so serves for a really good introductory novel for someone unfamiliar with the content, or a brush up for those who are familiar with the stories. The writing style flows, and the author has made some interesting choices as to who to include in their round up of the ten worst psychopaths, and I feel that McQueen picked some terrifying individuals, to be sure. The book barrels along and provides you with the details you need to become acquainted with the individuals on the pages, but you will not be reading a long and tedious investigation and account of anyone you are do not care to familiarise yourself with. The book is interesting and I enjoyed it, and could definitely recommend for a quick read. I liked the structure of the book, too, and what McQueen chose to include as relevant information – it paints the quick and violent, shocking nature of each one of the psychopaths, as well as highlights where things started, where they escalated, and how they ultimately ended. This book is a wonderful in between read and well worth looking into, even if just for the sake of curiosity.

15 thoughts on “Review: The 10 Worst Psychopaths: The Most Depraved Killers In History – Victor McQueen

  1. Added this to my Goodreads “I want to read” list. 🙂 I’m also fascinated by psychopaths (serial killers especially), even that much that I’ve taken some open uni courses in social psychology to understand them better.

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    1. Yay! I hope that you enjoy this if you ever get to it, it is a quick, interesting read. They are so fascinating, and I am impressed to hear you took some classes!


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