100 Happy Days: Day 81 – 90

Second last post, shocking! One more to go. Here are the things that made me happy in the past ten days.

Day 81:

day 81

Our backpacks for Europe arrived, and I am so stoked. I am not taking a handbag around with me, as that gets uncomfortable, it has limited space, and my shoulder should not suffer like that. Also, way too easy to get snatched off of my arm. These are spacious and comfy, meaning we can lug them around for hours, as well as use them as carry ons for our flight, and stuff jackets in them should it ever get too warm in Italy for them. I am so stoked and I cannot wait! So close now!

Day 82:

day 82

Nice, yummy supper the other night. Buttered and salted green beans, spicy fried spaghetti, and a pepper chicken breast. Hmmmmmm.

Day 83:

day 83

So the ring bearer badge and keychains for our wedding have arrived, and they are great. I am so all for the inner geek I have, wherever I can wrangle it. Love them!

Day 84:

day 84

I am so damn lucky to have such a wonderful, loving, caring man in my life. I am grateful every day. I must say, though, I really miss his long hair!

Day 85:

day 85

I do so love the colours in the lowveld. While it has been horrendously dry this spring/summer, which is highly unusual and has made for everything not being as lush and colourful as it usually is, it does not mean that we don’t have some beautiful flowers and colours making themselves known where possible.

Day 86:

day 86

You know, you would really have thought that by this time in my life, I would have more perfume. But no, not that sophisticated. Over the last few months I have made this realisation, and have slowly but surely been adding some day perfumes to my repertoire. Still gag at the thought of hauling out the big bucks for the scary expensive perfumes, though I do have a favourite and I do want it 😛

Day 87:

day 87

Saturday became an impromptu date day, and my other half and I went out to see Deadpool, had ice cream, saw an animatronic dinosaur, and have made up our minds that we are definitely going to go back when they have the whole exhibit set out. Also – please note how hot it is – I literally just got that soft serve and it started leaning. Sheesh!

Day 88:

day 88

Yesterday my other half got up and decided to grace the kitchen and made us some delicious breakfast. Hmmmmmmm, I do so love it when he gets into the kitchen, especially for breakfast. He is the breakfast king.

Day 89:

day 89

I do so love groomed and manicured nails. Currently I am rocking Up The Ante, a freaking awesome purple in the Revlon Gel Envy range (PS: the polishes are fantastic).

Day 90:

day 90

Yes. I know. More food. But I love food. Plus this was a delicious treat I picked out with lunch money from my other half. I love getting lunch money xD Anyway, this pepper steak pie was so peppery, I was in heaven! You can also never go wrong with a Stoney Ginger Beer or a Tempo. Comfort things, yes.

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