Top Ten Movies of 2015

Man, I have to say that while 2015 had some decent movies, it was quite the bland year for cinema overall. Really now, I mean it. I was quite disappointed with the pickings all round. In 2014 I had to split the list up into two parts, it was crazy! This won’t be a conventional list, that’s for sure, but I had a great time with these movies… well, most of them. Some really only just made the list. Without further ado, here’s a look at the movies I enjoyed the most this year!

10. Tie between The Martian and Sicario


I definitely did not love this movie like most people did, though I found it to be a decent watch. In fact, I was a huge fan of everything that was happening in space, on Mars. It was fascinating, and Damon gave one heck of a performance, he was brilliant. I loved the disco music and the geeky humour, I enjoyed all the little things. But then there is the Earth aspect, and that brought the whole film down quite a bunch for me. However, it is a nice return to form for Scott.

sicario poster

Again, maybe not a film that I obsessed about, but I enjoyed it well enough. It looked stunning and Benecio Del Toro gave one heck of a performance. But then there were the drawbacks, like the whiny character Emily Blunt played, making me dislike her (super shocker o.O), not to mention that the movie really strives to come across as smarter and more in depth than it actually is, which means there is this disjointed feeling you experience.

9. Spectre

spectre poster

This was one of my most anticipated movies of 2015. I was freaking out about it, I needed it. Immediately. I am almost glad we got it a little later than other people – that allowed me to get my expectations in check. The trailers were marketing a Casino Royale 2, which is most certainly the furthest thing from this movie. Spectre returns to some old school Bond cheese, for better or worse, but it is not nearly as supremely a crappy movie as it is painted to be. I had a good time with it, though it certainly isn’t my favourite Bond movie. There were things Spectre did right, and other places where it floundered. Uneven doesn’t make for terrible, though, and it is a fun watch.

8. The Man From U.N.C.L.E.

the man from uncle poster

Oh yes. I had an absolute blast watching this. I knew from the trailers that it would likely be fun, especially with Ritchie’s name attached to it, but when I watched it? I had a ball. It was much better than I was daring to hope for, and by having the genetic jackpot winner Henry Cavill on screen opposite a worthy Armie Hammer was beyond fantastic. The duo shared great chemistry, the humour is highly entertaining, Alicia Vikander is gorgeous, and while there was nothing new to be garnered from the movie, it was stylish to boot.

7. The Final Girls

the final girls poster

So much awesomeness! I watched this between exams when I desperately needed a moment to breathe, and I am so glad that I chose this. The Final Girls is smart and has heart, too, and is hilarious – especially if you are a big fan of old school horror, which gets plenty of homages here. The performances stand out in this movie, and the script is bold and endearing all at once, and everyone just looks like they are having the time of their lives. Horror comedy? Not so much, but a damn fine comedy with horror throwbacks for sure, and the execution is beyond brilliant.

6. Bone Tomahawk

bone tomahawk poster

Western horror. Those were the two words that intrigued me and sold me on this. I had to know how it was going to be done. Let me tell you, Bone Tomahawk is excellent. A horror opening, a western film beyond that, and it closes out with horror again. Yes, the balance is perfect, the performances were awesome, the movie was shot well and is bloody, brutal, violent. I fell in love with this, and I think it is a movie I am going to return to a few times.

5. Mad Max

mad max fury road poster

I didn’t expect to enjoy this one nearly as much as I did, but the minute this movie started up, I knew I was in for something special. The film is an assault on the senses and balls to the wall crazy – just as you think they cannot top the bizarre that has just been displayed on your screen, think again! The insanity never wears thin, and it looks amazing and is well acted. The movie looks and sounds phenomenal, too. Let’s also not forget the fact that Theron did not irritate me in this (super unusual) and the movie carried a strong feminist message, even for a movie that is essentially a two hour car chase through the desert.

4. Star Wars: The Force Awakens

day 25 the force awakens poster

I went for this. Twice. I finally reviewed it. I didn’t expect to, because I never know just what to say when it comes to major favourites of mine. I had fun with this. When Disney bought out Lucas, I was worried, especially when they announced a new installment to the franchise. My fear was not allayed when Trevorrow dropped out, but my heart soared when I heard that J.J. Abrams was to helm the film. Why? Because he just gets sci-fi, and he totally knows how to reboot… and he is a Star Wars fan. After watching it? All I want in life is a BB-8 and I just want to say that Adam Driver was looky as hell. Oh. My. Gosh. Seriously, that hair ❤ I don’t want to go into another crazy geek out session here, so you can just head on over to the review if you want to know exactly how I felt about this.

3. Ex Machina

ex machina poster

Ah, this. This was something I threw in to watch with my other half, seeing as he enjoys the whole concept of AI, etc. What I did not expect, however, was the perfect union between psychology and AI, something that is usually overlooked in these types of films. Also, the movie is quite ambitious, and when that happens with a film like this, someone usually ends up dropping the ball, leaving behind a bitter taste due to the botched affair. Ex Machina, however, did not suffer from this. It has a tiny cast, but each one of them delivered perfectly, the film looked beautiful and really makes you think when all is said and done. The best part? There was no disappointment by the end of it, it definitely delivered the goods.

2. What We Do In The Shadows

what we do in the shadows poster

I know, many of you are going to wonder why the hell this ranks so highly… but I loved it. I freaking loved every damned second of it, and in my ten million rewatches? It remains a classic, priceless, hilarious gem. It appealed to every silly sense of my humour, and is way smarter than it is given credit for. #VirginSandwiches #EighteenthCenturyDandy #WearwolvesNotSwearwolves #DarkBidding

1. John Wick


This. Hands down. The style… the awesome, the beauty, the thrill, the colours, the choreography, Keanu Reeves… John Wick just blew my mind. The second I saw the trailer, I knew we were in for something insane, but I had no idea that it would win me over quite the way it did. It also doesn’t get old. Repeat viewings have kept me engaged and happy and even more excitement was to be had. Plus the soundtrack was fantastic. Too much style, too much awesome, too much love!

30 thoughts on “Top Ten Movies of 2015

  1. I wouldn’t put John Wick at number 1, but it was definitely a welcome surprise. A very good film indeed full of action and style. I had to download some big the sound track particularly kakeida- Clean. This us a very good list and agree on the films I have seen.

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  2. Cool choices Zoe! I too ranked Ex Machina as third! Haha but other than that and sicario, we don’t share anything else. But that’s what so fun about doing these top 10s, I get to see all the unique diversity in different lists 🙂 Guess I’ll have to check out John Wick


    1. Thanks! Ex Machina was great and I really wish more people had seen it. It deserves so much more recognition! I love the diversity between people, it keeps things interesting! John Wick was bloody brilliant, do check it out!

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    1. Thanks Keith! Yeah, this list had a bit of everything in it hahaha. I gotta say, it was the movie I had the most fun with last year, which surprised me. I expected a heavier drama or something to top the list, but nope, it had to be John Wick xD


  3. I’m with you on this, Zoe. A lot if people are praising how good 2015 was but I didn’t find it that way. I’m struggling to even come up with 10 films that would my list. I honestly can’t get much more than 6 or 7 that are worthy inclusions.
    As for your list itself, I’m so happy to see What We Do In The Shadows and Ex Machina so high. Two fabulous films. However, I was hugely disappointed in Sicario and The Martian and I struggle to see what many seen in them. Also great to see Bone Tomahawk in there, though.

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    1. Phew, not alone! I really thought the pickings were slim. Then you and I are in the same boat. The first few were easy, then I had to start stretching. Ah, What We Do In The Shadows is just a slice of perfection. I am with you on The Martian and Sicario – each had elements that were good, but overall they just weren’t the great films they have been painted :/ Oh well.

      Oh man, Bone Tomahawk was definitely such a welcome surprise.

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  4. I just had a chat with my friends that last year was kinda disappointment but then January made it all up as all those more than nice Oscar films came out like The Revenant, The Big Short and to me especially Spotlight. But nice choices! I hadn’t even heard about The Final Girls, just added it to my list.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. 🙂 Thank you, thank you!

      Yeah, compiling a list of movies for last year was no easy task, I wasn’t a big fan of the year’s haul in general. I would never have guessed I would pull a list like this together!

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