100 Happy Days: Day 51 – 60

My 100 Happy Days continue, full steam ahead! Yay! Too much fun, and I cannot believe how fast this challenge has actually gone.

Day 51:

day 51

I made some delicious Afrikaans style mince curry for dinner one night and it was so good! Obviously it must be served with some Mrs Balls Hot Chutney. Yes, I can see all sorts of things being said about this.

Day 52:

day 52

We went out to see the guys one weekend and my fiancé thought it was about time that he I actually draw them up some invites (mine probably spurred him on to do the same as opposed to just asking them). I think these came out quite nice. It was also nice to just chill out and see the boys be boys.

Day 53:

day 53

Ah, it was a lovely thing to get my towels back that were sent for embroidery. This is something that I love, and never expected to – personalised towels just seemed over the top. They just make life so much easier though!

Day 54:

day 54

Got hauled off to dinner after a long Monday. At least I didn’t have to cook and got a pretty damn delicious Cheddamelt burger out of the deal – seriously, a slice of cheese and mushroom sauce? Onion rings? Chips? Yeah, it was good. Hmmmm.

Day 55:

day 55

It’s always nice to be able to read a few minutes in the mornings at work when there is peace and quiet, especially when there is a delicious cup of tea involved, too. Ahhhhh.

Day 56:

day 56

I got such cool gifts from my friends from the States when they were visiting, and I am still enjoying them immensely! Need to find a frame though…

Day 57:

day 57

Spending time with my other half while getting ready for our little road trip this weekend. Whoop! 🙂

Day 58:

day 58

Road tripping to Johannesburg for the weekend to sort out of visas for our honeymoon and see Natasha for her birthday. The lowveld is so beautiful, and makes for a pretty drive, and the weather was really nice, too.

Day 59:

day 59

Went shopping with my bestie and got some super scores in store – gotta love a sale! It was so much fun to chill with her and just do something as silly as shop. Lovely new bag, lipstick, and my new, stunning wedges. I love wedges, but it is such a mission to find new wedges because they never really tickle my fancy. But these? Wow, so gorgeous, and they were half price!

Day 60:

day 60

Natasha and I being all silly at breakfast before I headed home. It really was such a nice visit, even though it was so short. It felt like we got so much done.

6 thoughts on “100 Happy Days: Day 51 – 60

    1. 🙂 Thanks! Ahhhhhh, that’s just hilarious. Well… at least the guests won’t? 😉 Hmmmm, it was glorious, you should totally make some (if you are allowed to eat it – not sure).


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