100 Happy Days Challenge: Day 11 – 20

Continuing with my 100 Happy Days, I have found that I love food. I mean, this has always been a given, but I can see now how much I document it! Also, some beautiful rain and Christmas spirit has made for a lovely week, not to mention going on leave as of yesterday afternoon!

Day 11:

day 11

No matter that ESKOM once again robbed us of our power, they will never rob us of our spirit! Had a super chilled Sunday braai – great food, great company, what more could you ask for?

Day 12:

day 12

Super scrumptious cheesy Mexican subs that I made. Man, I love good, tasty food 🙂

Day 13:

day 13

Randomly stumbling on a book sale one afternoon. I got a really great deal and picked up three Koontz novels. Happy days! Finished The Funhouse that same afternoon.

Day 14:

DAY 14

I never fail to pick up Cherry Cola when we are at the one store in town – they have such a nice import selection (this the same lot that brought me my favourite biscuits). Plus I lucked out because they had candy floss, and I am like a child when it comes to that stuff. I WANT MORE!

Day 15:

DAY 15

I was pretty stoked when Justin Bog, author of Sandcastle and Other Stories, a novel I reviewed recently, took the time to read my review and Tweet me about it. It’s always pleasant when artists are involved 🙂

Day 16:

DAY 16

Having a total Matrix moment with my M&M’s on Friday. #LifeChoices #RedPillBluePill

Day 17:

DAY 17

Getting unexpected surprise gifts always rocks 🙂

Day 18:

DAY 18

I know it is late, but I finally got my tree up. I absolutely love the beautiful twinkling lights in the dark, it makes me ridiculously happy!

Day 19:

DAY 19

We have had some lovely rain (which we have desperately needed) and I stumbled across this stunning spiderweb on the way to work one morning, all decked out in sparkling diamonds. Beautiful!

Day 20:


When you’re starving and you discover your forgotten snack in your drawer. Perfect timing!

11 thoughts on “100 Happy Days Challenge: Day 11 – 20

  1. Another lovely post Zoe! And for some reason I feel really hungry now…..I think those Mexican subs might be the nicest thing I’ve ever seen.

    That’s so cool that author liked your review as well, go Zoe!!! ❤

    Liked by 2 people

    1. 🙂 Thanks Em! I know what you mean! When I check out everyone’s blogs and I see all that food… I get hungry! Why thank you! They were glorious, I won’t even lie. I love Mexican food. In fact, I just ordered some now. YUM.

      It was so cool!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. YUM indeed! I love Mexican too 🙂 mind you any dish with plenty of cheese is a winner in my eyes!

        Unless it’s cottage cheese.

        I love these posts! Can’t wait for the rest 😀

        Liked by 2 people

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