I hit up The IPC with my Shitfest entry and goodness gracious me, was it a dreadful film! Head on over to check out my bitch session!

Isaacs Picture Conclusions


I should have known. The minute I saw that excuse for a poster, I should have run. When my fiancé told me it was a recommendation from his colleague, I should have known. However, we decided to get into this, and lo and behold, I had my Shitfest movie!

I should have known.

breaking bad head shake

Anyway, I am sure you all know I love Norse mythology and I am a massive fan of the History Channel’s Vikings. Here was a movie, with the dude from Amon Amarth featuring. Hmmmm, let’s see.


Well… the minute the one viking wrestled a horse with its rider to the ground, I knew there were going to be problems. Big ones. If you are interested, the scene in question is actually featured in the trailer.

Not to mention, Jason Stackhouse, a monk? A Rafiki-type monk?! This can also be seen in the trailer. It…

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