Character Tribute: Clay Burton


So recently I watched Banshee at the recommendation of my brother and a very good friend. I must say, I thoroughly enjoyed the show, but the one thing that kept me hooked no matter what was the possibility of seeing Matthew Rauch’s character Clay Burton. I knew that he needed a Character Tribute, and I spent an indecent amount of time pulling this together. Oh my goodness! What a forbidding guy, but he is the best! He has amazing screen presence, he’s not someone anyone should cross, has such a weird personality and is shrouded in immense amounts of secrecy. I want to know more about he mysterious Burton! I also feel that Matthew Rauch is the best casting for this character, too. He really owns every second he is on screen, gets under your skin and makes Burton so much more real. Mesmerizing.

I have no idea why people are not more afraid of him. Even in a fight, he never loses his calm, but he will put you down, end of story. Non-negotiable. Also, the only man I would not mock or question wearing pink. It is just what it is.

clay burton killer

Always the cleaner. Never complaining. Always diligent.

clay burton banshee cleanup

Kai Proctor’s protector and right hand man, Burton is always by his side. It seems he is incapable of feeling fear, and will walk into any situation at any time and own it.

burton bat burton bat 2

Even his freak out sessions have this deliberate and weirdly contained, dignified and chilling element to them.

clay burton losing itclay burton so sinister

As if he wasn’t creepy enough, just wait for the slaughter of Jason Hood. Right in the middle of banging Rebecca, no less! Not to mention the crazy weird clean up after the fact, his flashbacks, how calm he is about absolutely everything all the time, as well as the whole ritual he had when going about restoring the motel room. Nice.

burton cleaning hotelburton creepybanshee burton smile

Burton is beyond cold, calculated and ruthless. He is efficient to boot, too. Look at him, not even flinching!

banshee crazy stuff

You know bloodcurdling Burton is making an appearance when the glasses go… those things tell you so much about where on the terrified-spectrum you should be.

banshee burton glasses1banshee burton glasses banshee burton glasses2clay burton glasses off again

His loyalty to Kai Proctor is simply astounding. No matter what happens, Burton is there. Violently, at the best of times.

burton killerburton efficient kill

There is absolutely nothing that will stop him when he gets peeved. He is not really one to express his discontent with facial expressions and words, and this epic fight with Nola Longshadow was about as animated as we have ever seen him, yet he remained in control for the most part. He’s like a pitbull. Once he’s got his teeth in you, it isn’t over until one of you is dead.

clay burton banshee glassburton and nola

The way he starts paying close attention to those who pose a threat to Kai Proctor as well as Burton’s standing with him, such as Rebecca. Since she started staying there and becoming involved with Kai’s business, Burton has made Rebecca his business.

creepy clay burtonbanshee season 3 starting a war burton i don't trust you2

Again with the efficiency. Even after all that has happened, Burton will do what he can to care for himself. He is very independent. It seems he does not like the feeling of vulnerability or threats, either, and no matter his state will assert his dominance.

clay burton stitching himself up clay burton stay away

And lastly, I think this picture that was snapped somewhere on set is just awesome:

matthew rauch burton bat and phone

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