Gilmore Girls: Season 1 (2000 – 2001)

gilmore girls season 1 cover


What I liked:

  • The nostalgia. No jokes, I watched this show from when it came out, though I think I didn’t quite get the last few seasons done completely, only bits or pieces (which means yay for me soon). I watched this religiously, and it was awesome to do that again.
  • Luke. Let’s not even mess around, that man is so brusque and outwardly angry and all that, yet when there is trouble, he is the first one that caves and he is so awkwardly sweet and adorable and helping.
  • That the show is not inundated with stupid characters that are clunky and irritating and annoying and argh! Yes, I am so over characters like that.
  • The episodes actually feel like they zip past, which is insane considering they are between 42 – 45 minutes a pop!
  • The humour. I loved it. It is sharp, witty, super snappy. I love it. I can laugh for ages, and most of it is relatively innocent, so it isn’t relying on some nasty sexual innuendos to sell itself.
  • The cast. I think everyone is pretty well done,
  • The dynamic between Lorelai and Rory. It is just awesome and sweet.
  • It was nice to see a show (especially an older one) portray women as strong and independent and capable of surviving without men (though they are certainly important to the story, the ladies can survive without them for the most part).
  • Michel’s work ethic and outlook on things. Some days, people are too stupid to work with.

gilmore girls michelle people are particularly stupid today

What I didn’t like:

  • I don’t know, this is likely because I have watched so many series over the years and the dynamic is so different nowadays, but the way certain things will be introduced in the story (characters, dating, an event) and then people will only go back to it much later, so it feels like inconsistent storytelling. However, this is an older show and it was for home and light watching and all that, so I suppose you can’t take something like that and expect it to be as tightly written and implemented as Hannibal.
  • The Max Medina story was awkward but sweet when it was introduced, but then it just felt like it was constantly shoehorned back into the show between Luke and Christopher.
  • Bringing in Luke’s ex, Rachel, right after having an episode after Lorelai’s ex (and baby daddy), Christopher, just felt a little convoluted, to be very honest.
  • Sam Dean is such a whiner. Really. Ugh. Also, such a bad attitude, always flipping out at Lorelai and others, acts really superior and like he is so much older than he is, and so is entitled to do whatever he wants, when he wants.

This pretty much sums me and this show up:

gilmore girls you have a problemhow important shows can be

I was so stoked to start watching this again, I really was. I was a huge fan of this growing up and I watched it religiously every week, without fail. I started watching it from the second we got it here and I was hooked from the moment I started it. I couldn’t get enough. So obviously rewatching this reminded me much of how it was for me back then, and I see immense amounts of humour in the way that watching it as a kid and watching it now, I see totally different things, which just goes to show how good this series was for any and all ages. When I was younger, it was specific to Rory for identification,  yet now, as you have grown older and wiser in your life, you can appreciate from both mother and daughter’s aspect, which is cool. Gilmore Girls boasts plenty of highly amusing characters, which makes watching this show a joy. This was still the season in which Dean was mostly tolerable, though still a jackass and a jerk. Melissa McCarthy was great as crazy chef Sookie. Watching her and Jackson Douglas’s Jackson is incredibly adorable. I am a big fan of Scott Patterson’s Luke Danes, as Luke is one of the most entertaining characters of a TV series ever. He is hilarious, he is extremely witty and dry and his frustrations are just too entertaining at the best of times. Paris is such a nasty character, though she does provide some frustrating amusement to the show, no other way to look at it. Then there is Kirk, can we just talk about him? Kirk is by far the weirdest dude ever, but he is so central to what is going on, you can’t help but adore him. I enjoyed the super snappy dialogue presented in Gilmore Girls, it runs at a mile a minute and is really smart, so obviously it scores some major points. Watching Max and Lorelai kick it was sweet and all, but he really isn’t the guy for her, and I just can’t get over how awkward that must have been for Rory, to have her mom dating her teacher. As for Rory, she is so awkward with guys and it is funny to watch it all play out, and things don’t really change an awful lot when she starts dating Dean, which is also sweet. Then let’s talk about Tristan – my goodness, what a total toolbag. He has way too much ego to deal with, really, and is such a confused little boy. Sometimes there is a peek of something nicer underneath it all, and suddenly it is all snatched away. The conflict and sour emotions between Lorelai and her parents is almost palpable, and I feel really sorry for her. I know that she hurt them, too, but the fact that they will not listen to her, not for one moment, really dulls my pity for them. Anyway, I can talk about this show for a really long time. All you need to know is that if you have watched it and enjoyed it, it is time for a rerun. If you have not watched it, it is highly entertaining, though I am sure this is more for girls than guys, though I am certainly not saying they can’t enjoy it. My other half has a good laugh every now and then when he catches something in passing. It is all super pro-girlpower a lot, which I am a fan of, but it never gets out of hand. Okay, I’m done now. gilmore girls clearing out clothesluke red meat

14 thoughts on “Gilmore Girls: Season 1 (2000 – 2001)

  1. Great post Zoe, I’ve never seen this show but I used to know somebody who loved the hell out of it. Can’t believe I only just realized that was Alexis Bledel in the photo, I thought her face was familiar.

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  2. Almost Scarfed Bkushi:

    Things I love right now:
    This blog post,
    Gilmore Girls,
    Your almost finshed scarf
    I’m nearly visiting you,

    I looove GG. Especially this season. It is so sweet and nostalgic and fun without being too sugary.

    Almost travelling Kidney

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Almost Travelling Kidney,

      I freaking LOVE this comment!!!!!!
      I cannot wait for my scarf because you know I have a scarf fetish.
      I cannot wait for you to get here.


      ALmost Scarfed Bkushi


  3. I have watched bits and pieces of this show because it has always been on at a random time. I loved the bits I saw though so I am hoping at some point it will end up on Netflix.

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