February Blind Spot Review: Magic Mike (2012)

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“You are the husband they never had! You are that dreamboat guy that never came along!”
– Dallas

SYNOPSIS: A male stripper teaches a younger performer how to party, pick up women, and make easy money. – via IMDB

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Not even remotely my cup of tea (though it seems I am very much in the minority with this), but this is specially for my bestie, even though she made me watch this, and even though this drives her to contemplate whether it would be worth burning her house down or not:


GRADE 6Alrighty, so this was a selection that made my list because, when I sent my final few Blind Spot possibilities, Natasha absolutely jumped on this one. I was unsure as to whether this was because it was crap, because there was a lot of flesh all over for perviness, because the plot was so non-existent I might murder my TV, if she just wanted to hear my bitch session live, or because again, more flesh. So anyway, back to Magic Mike. The movie was… okay. Actually, it was significantly better than I thought it would be, what with all the negative feedback on it, but it is still a far cry from a masterpiece. It was shot very well and had music, while not my favourite, that was well suited for the film. The cast came with relatively impressive names attached to it, but they were criminally underused. I am looking specifically here at Matt Bomer and Matthew McConaughey. I expected more from them. It would have been nice. On the flesh front, however, there was a lot (and by this I mean extremely little clothing) going on. The movie successfully managed to never cross over into tacky territory, which was good – nice job, Soderbergh – but covered up the lack of story by stripping and dancing its way through everything. Magic Mike is a great watch for a girls night: few cuties, lots of flesh, every girl’s secret fantasy to be dominated and plucked out of chairs and just carried off like that thrown up on screen, you get it all – but again, absolutely no story. Ticks all the boxes. However, I must admit, while I might have enjoyed certain, erm, aspects of the film, I don’t know how much the male appreciation for this will be. Again, I didn’t think the story was particularly amazing or anything like that, but it was enough to string it all together (even if done so weakly). The ladies didn’t really need that much to sell this to them, but I just wonder how the male demographic feels about it? I really enjoy Channing Tatum, for comedy and for drama (though apparently not many agree with me on the latter), and I liked seeing him here. I thought he worked well with Alex Pettyfer here, they shared pretty good chemistry. Cody Horn seemed like such a bitchy and flat character, though, which was a real pity, and as an actress she was also underwhelming. Also, I am going to take a moment here to mention that I thought she had the world’s most annoying laugh. The movie knows it is a fluff piece, which also works for it, it doesn’t try to be some revolutionary drama film or anything, and has fun with what it is doing. I can think of plenty superior movies to watch, but I can also think of many more that are an utter waste of time. This was alright… although I honestly think if the stripping was taken out it would be a very dull affair indeed.

17 thoughts on “February Blind Spot Review: Magic Mike (2012)

  1. Bestie…

    For that, you can torch a part of my house. Definitely.

    This movie is so ridiculous haha. I watched it again after you did your maiden run, and thought the exact same thing – it’s not horrific but no masterpiece.

    Except all those abs.


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    1. Kindest,

      I would preferably not torch your house. This is Africa. The chances of you getting someone like that to rescue you here is minimal. However, I will definitely try after I have taken a lookie at your fire departmen 😉

      It could be so much worse if they took the stripping out of it hahahahaha!



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      1. Thanks bestie, I’m pleased that you are no pyromaniac. I especially won’t find a fireman in SA like that 😦
        I want to say something SO inappropriate right now. Sheesh hahaha

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      2. Kidney,

        You are lucky. Things could have gotten worse. If I were a pyromaniac, I would never resist a flat out invitation!

        BWAHAHAHAHA oh you will have to tell me what that was in an email – PLEASE!!!



  2. I think I had a similar response to this film. It’s okay but nothing special. Probably doesn’t help that I don’t find Channing Tatum, Alex Pettyfer (who my friend Jen and I call Ryno just because he looks like those guys who hang around in Masquerades in Boksburg) or Matthew McConaughey attractive.

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    1. I think we are completely in agreement with that assessment. I didn’t find any of the cast to be particularly attractive, though most of them are pretty decent actors.

      Bwahahahaha, I think that is a pretty damn accurate description of Ryno/Pettyfer. Nice.

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  3. Wow! This is a MUCH more positive review than I expected! Haha. Well, I’m glad you found some things to appreciate in it. I think my biggest problem with it was that it was sold as a comedy, yet it was so much more a drama, and I thought that was dumb. I mean, come on…it’s male strippers. I can’t take that seriously. Hahaha. Also, Cody Horn blew. I kept thinking of Kristen Stewart when I saw her. Not good. :/ But great review, lady! Glad you were able to check this off your list, if nothing else. 🙂

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    1. I suppose I went in with zero expectations other than that it would totally suck, so I was relatively surprised when it was not the biggest waste of my life.

      I missed all the marketing prior to it. Hmmmm, if they had angled more for comedy this might have worked so much better, to be honest. I can see now if women were expecting to go in, see stripping and laughs, it would have been a very different story. Gosh, that girl is just… ugh. Really, she grated on my last remaining nerve while I was watching this.

      I cannot say I will be checking it out again anytime soon though. Once was plenty enough for me!

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  4. Hehe. Great review, Zoe. I’ve been meaning to get around to reading this after Vinnie here mentioned your review on mine. I think he really really wants to be a stripper… ; ) We seem to feel exactly the same about this one although you were nicer to this stupid movie than I was. Lol : )

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    1. Thanks lady! Yep, think you are on to something there!

      Ah, I think it is because I went in expecting to absolutely despise it, and then not being kicked in the teeth so badly, it was okay. Nothing spectacular, but not awful.

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