Top 20 Movies of 2014: Part 2 (1 – 10)

So I gave you Part 1 earlier this week, counting down my top twenty films for the year from 20 – 11, and today I will share the big ones, the ten films I enjoyed the most in 2014!

Again, we are still waiting on some of those massive releases most of the world got already, but no matter. These are the ten films this past year that made me think, or just thrilled me endlessly, flaws and all.

10. The Babadook


Another independent budget flick, and another goodie to be sure. The Babadook sure provided some thrills and chills, and I thought it was a wonderfully crafted horror movie. I have not seen one this good in a really long time. The acting was quite solid, the pacing was good, the story was something different, and it gives you something to think about when all is said and done. Not to mention, when that freaking thing opens it’s mouth to speak, that’s just scary as hell! Absolutely great work here, and well worth looking into!

9. Coherence

coherence poster

Mind games all the way, Coherence is another small budget film with a small cast, minor effects and all that, but with a story that will just shatter your mind. It is a simple plot that draws you in, even though it is a slow start, but when it gets going, you have to keep your wits about you. Fantastic concept and one of the more fresh films I have seen in years, Coherence proves that sometimes less is certainly so much more.

8. Interstellar

interstellar poster

Absolutely amazing to look at, visually, with some solid performances, Interstellar was an epic space journey. It was my most anticipated movie of 2014, and, as always, Nolan delivered the goods with this one. Going in you sort of think you are ready for what is about to happen (yeah, right), and by the end of it you know that you have been owned. Wow, that is all I can actually say. I know there has been a very mixed reaction with this, but I am firmly in the impressed camp.

7. X-Men: Days of Future Past

days of future past poster

Here’s another superhero film and all of that, for sure, but this turned out to be even better than I expected. Trust me, my expectations were pretty high for this as is. A solid story, fantastic performances, and awesome effects? This was definitely going to make it. An interesting plot, plenty of humour and plenty of drama, this movie was incredibly well balanced and benefited from a phenomenal execution, X-Men: Days of Future Past demonstrates clearly what one expects when going in for a film of this caliber, and delivered on each and every front.

6. Snowpiercer

snowpiercer movie poster

I went in for this not really knowing what was going to come. Then I had my mind blown. This movie was fantastic. I was incredibly shocked at how well it worked, especially considering the closed environment should have (in theory) crippled it. Instead, it told a crazy story. The cast was brilliant for this, and the performances they gave were amazing. I was a big fan of Chris Evans’s portrayal of Curtis, too, he just dominated that role, reminding the world that he is so much more than just Captain America.

5. Filth

filth movie poster

Well, this was another movie just to prove to me why I am a James McAvoy fan. Truly his finest performance to date, in my opinion, Filth rocked my socks on so many levels. The movie starts off all fun and games, albeit a little dark, and soon is this descent into sheer lunacy, dragging you along for a really bad trip, the whole time wondering where the hell you are. The cast worked so well, the plot was solid, the execution fantastic, and features one of the best twists I have seen in ages (truly damn near brought me to my knees). Definitely worth the watch, I thoroughly enjoyed this!

4. Dawn of the Planet of the Apes


This movie boasted some of the most amazing CGI and effects I have seen in ages, and touted some serious emotion and some excellent action. An incredibly successful follow up for Rise of the Planet of the Apes, this movie brings so much to the table, and should be noted for it. While maybe not completely perfect, it was plenty more than enough fun, and was extremely well put together. Andy Serkis is the motion capture king for a reason, and I think he worked phenomenally well with Toby Kebbell, who brought a whole different element to the fore here.

3. Captain America: The Winter Soldier

captain america winter soldier poster

This movie just… wow. I loved it. It came together so well and thrilled me, and the more I thought about it after the fact the more I liked it. I got totally obsessed with it. The Winter Soldier was a great villain, the action was fast, fun, and brutal, the cast all played off each other brilliantly, it was shot beautifully and it was paced well. I missed the period feel that Captain America: The First Avenger offered, but I felt that this movie carried itself without that setting. Captain America remains my favourite Avenger, and this movie once again demonstrated why. Slick, fast, spy thriller feel? So there!

2. The Guest

the guest poster1

I went into this hoping it would be something I would enjoy, not expecting it to turn out to be something that I would love. I mean I had to rearrange my whole top ten for this film! The Guest is excellent, perfectly balancing out characters and actions, deliberately building up a story and then exploding into an action/thriller type thing. The Guest is bold, wonderful to look at and boasts a mean score. There is so much to love here, especially Dan Stevens’s performance, and it definitely ticked all the necessary boxes for me!

1. Fury

fury poster 2

This might not surprise all of you (seeing as how I gushed about it), but Fury was incredible. It has stunning cinematography, a solid cast that delivered all the goods, some terrifying and realistic situations and effects, a score that just drives everything home and is an emotional roller-coaster. Fury just astounded me endlessly, and I would highly recommend it to anyone and everyone. It keeps you engrossed and at the edge of your seat, and is undoubtedly raw and gritty, one of the best war movies in a really long time.

Well, there you have it. The twenty films I enjoyed the most this year 🙂

44 thoughts on “Top 20 Movies of 2014: Part 2 (1 – 10)

  1. None of these films would make my top 10, but i have seen filth a few times and its brilliant. I have started the book on the back of seeing it. I also loved that The Guest. It’s so 80’s, the score in particular and the lead star is so creepy and weird!

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  2. Dearest Zoe!! Outstanding stuff, as always :). Now I feel really bad I haven’t seen ‘Fury’ yet…yikes! I’ll definitely get on it right away. ‘The Guest,’ my god what a film…also made my personal top 10 of the year…which I will post soon…hopefully. Only one other film from this list made mine, but that’s the beauty of cinema!!

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    1. JOSEPH!!!! Thank you ever so kindly! Well, I really loved that movie, but then again I love movies like that. The Guest? You and I are going to be gushing about this for ages 😉 I cannot wait to see your list! Yep – I love how diverse everyone is. Different strokes, keeps things interesting 😀


    1. Thanks Rob!

      The Babadook probably not, I know you aren’t a fan of horror. The Guest was a really good action/horror/thriller film, you might like it, but I don’t know if you will love it. As for Filth… if you can handle James McAvoy going balls-to-the-wall crazy, spans of drugs and cussing, I would say give it a shot. Obviously I loved it 😛

      I know a lot of people found issues with Fury, and I know there were flaws. But just the feeling I had when all was said and done… it was amazing.

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  3. Dear IJB,

    What a great list you’ve put out!. Fury was pretty wicked awesome! If I had to pick my favorite FAVORITE of last year it would probably be Coherence : ) Although Dead Snow 2 was pretty fucking incredible!



    Missing You,



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    1. Dear PSC,

      I know, I know 🙂 Thank you, had a lot of fun putting this list together. Coherence was fantastic. I must agree with you there.



      Returned JB


  4. I love your list mainly because it’s so different. Several on there that I really loved and that made my list as well. A couple I still would like to see. Great stuff to Zoe.

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  5. Haven’t seen any of these yet except The Babadook (yup, I’m really far behind). I’ll get to them eventually, I want to see most of them, except 9, 5, 2, and 1. No matter how well it might have been made, I don’t watch war movies. That’s too much reality for my movie-going mind. I don’t even watch the news. I already know humans suck, I don’t need to be reminded every night at 6…

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    1. Hehehe, it’s okay, I know how it happens. You don’t want to see The Guest? Filth? Coherence? Why not? 😛

      I get what you are saying. I don’t watch the news and read the papers anymore, I get a bit too angry about what’s going on!

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  6. I need to go back and catch part one, but I LOVE part two! Lemme break this down…10) Yes, yes, YES. Best horror movie of the year for sure. P.S. May or may not have pre-ordered a really friggin cool special edition of this…maybe. 9) I have been challenged to watch this! I need to! 8) Heck yeah Team Interstellar! It’s too bad this has divided so many people…But we think it’s great, so what else matters? 😉 7) LOVE it. My favorite superhero film of last year! 6) I want to see this really badly! Think it’s on Netflix. I’ma try to get to that… 5) Another one I need to see! I do love Mr. McAvoy. 4) Such a pleasant surprise! I really doubted this one, but I was thrilled to be proven wrong. 3) Yep. Knew this one would pop up on here. You and your Winter Soldier. 😉 Definitely an awesome one. Marvel is unstoppable lately! 2) I’ve only heard a few things about this, but it sounds like I really need to check it out! 1) I know you love this, but…ehhhh. I am just not a war movie gal. But I’m glad you enjoyed it enough to make it your #1!

    Excellent work, Zoe!!! 🙂

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    1. Thank you so kindly for the breakdown lady, love it. What?? I can’t help it! The Winter Soldier was AMAZING. And not just because Sebastian Stan! As for Filth? You need to see it. The Guest is wicked, and NOT just for scientific purposes, you know!

      Ahhhhh, but war movies are THE BEST. I love them like I love mob movies!

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  7. Interesting list, Zoe. I can’t believe I’ve only seen 5 of your top 10! Okay, 1 & 2 aren’t very “me” but, as I always say, I don’t like war movies. But then I always DO like them when I force myself to watch them. 😉 Two of these made my top ten too – Planet of the Apes & Babadook. Captain America was pretty damn good too – that nearly made it. Isn’t it annoying how we get 2014 movies well into 2015, etc?? Then people are like “why did you leave out such & such?!” 🙂

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    1. Argh! YOU KNOW how bad it is. We will just have to wait and see hahaha. I see a lot of the ones from last year, the big ones on everyone elses lists will be making it this month and next here by us. Will see if they were worth the hype!


  8. An inspired Top Ten!!!!! I loved loved LOVED The Guest, wow that thing really blew me off my two little feet.

    And wow, I wasn’t expecting to see Fury that high, but I have to admit that thing about broke me it was so cruelly realistic at times. And how about Shia LeBeouf showing up for the job and really delivering, eh? That about won me over for that. That film alone actually made me go back and check out much more of David Ayers’ filmography (or all the stuff of his I hadn’t yet seen. A review of his Sabotage will be soon forthcoming).

    Great post Zoe.

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    1. Why thank you ever so kindly, Tom! Ahhhh, The Guest ❤

      Fury was just… mind blowing. I was so in love with the film, flaws and all. I don't think Shia LaBeouf is a bad actor hahaha, though he seems to be an odd dude off camera.

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      1. Exactly my impression of the guy too. Hee underrated on the screen. But offscreen….er, he’s a bit goofy haha. Absolutely loved him in Fury. You’ve made me want to watch this movie again for sure.

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  9. LOVE your choices for #2, 3 and 4, those are in my top 10 as well! WOW, you really like FURY, I haven’t seen it yet as I have an aversion for war films in general.

    Man I’m even more curious about Coherence now, almost saw that one but decided on another small-budget scifi Predestination. I recommend that one too, Zoe, it involves time travel but not in the way you expect it.

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    1. Thank you Ruth! I loved Fury, I think it is a really under-appreciated film. Aww, no war movie love! 😛 I am a big fan of war movies. And mob movies. SO good.

      I haven’t seen that yet, but I will certainly look into it. I would love to hear your thoughts on Coherence when you get to it, great little budget film!


  10. Good lists, part 1 and 2, but you must see The Imitation Game. Also, if you haven’t seen Whiplash, it is another excellent film. Chef is also a favorite of mine and Interstellar is at the top of my list (I’m a sucker for the father/daughter theme).

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    1. Thank you very much 🙂 Yep, we are waiting on The Imitation Game and Whiplash, we should be getting them soon, probably this month and next. I have really been looking forward to them 🙂


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