Film Blogs Picks of the Week

Check it out! Got a recommendation at Featured Magazine! Head on over to see which other bloggers there are to check out, in case you aren’t following them already 🙂

Featured E - Magazine

This week, I’ve found another round of wonderful cinematic blogs.  There are certainly more to come.  This has been a long weekend and I hope everyone had a Happy Thanksgiving in your part of the world.  I’m featuring 6 new blogs picks this week in film and another round in the coming weeks.  Please enjoy this weeks picks!

The Cinema Cynic

Meet Stuart.  He has dedicated most of his life to watching films.  This film blog also has some rare movie reviews, many of which I have yet to see.  “I dedicate so much of my life to watching films I have decided it is time to actually write about them. So here it is: My film blog!”

In his ‘humble introduction to himself, he writes:  “In this blog I will write a review of every film I watch, along with a brief synopsis at the start just like the…

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17 thoughts on “Film Blogs Picks of the Week

    1. Ah thank you ever so kindly Tom! 🙂 Love the way you phrased that hahaha!

      PS: I cannot for the life of me remember which post we discussed that book you recommended I read. What was it, and who wrote it? I vaguely recall it having “whisper” in it somewhere? I think.


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