Character Tribute: The Winter Soldier

winter soldier 2

It’s that time again folks! Another epic character tribute here of someone who (as you all know) I am just a teensy bit obsessed with (well, not just the character, but the actor too). I thought that the Winter Soldier came together really well, and that Sebastian Stan was absolutely perfect to realise Bucky Barnes/The Winter Soldier. He was excellent as the cold, cruel assassin, and then his past came seeping back in, and he went from cruel to confused to livid, and it was a great transformation to watch. Anyway, here are some of the reasons that I thought the Winter Soldier was just epic!

We can start with the outfit. How ridiculously cool was it?!

the winter soldierwinter soldier rises

The general badassery of taking out a car and stepping aside at precisely the right moment… you knew hardcore things were coming!

winter soldier car

There are few things that gave me thrills and chills like this scene where the Winter Soldier just whips around and snatches that shield like “bitch, please”. That’s when you knew, hands down, that this was going to be a bigger, better villain.

shield captain america winter soldier catcheswinter soldier frisbee shield

Every single fight was just breathtaking.

bucky winter soldier fightwinter soldier fight

The entire highway scene had me at the edge of my seat. The Winter Soldier is ruthless, he is strong, and he is extremely mission orientated. His magnificent highway stop was just… wow.

winter soldier highway

He’s merciless.

winter soldier ruthless

Every time he hauls out a gun… it’s like “stick ’em up, I haven’t got all day”. What a machine.

winter soldier gunwinter soldier gunwinter soldier shooting

How extremely endearing that assassin could become.

the winter soldier fixed

The cracks that appeared in the Soldier’s demeanor changed him completely. He was breaking, he was uncertain, and he responded furiously to that.

winter soldier you're my mission

And, last but not least, he was gorgeous with or without that mask!

the winter soldier bucky maskwinter soldier badass

24 thoughts on “Character Tribute: The Winter Soldier

  1. My son loves Captain America and his cousins laughed at him, but he told them, that captain America was honourable and had integrity and that’s what we all should have. I was a little proud of my ten yr old.

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  2. Agreed (about the superhero stuff haha). This was one of the better Marvel villains as they effectively made him a complete badass. The dude didn’t even have to say much. Great costume. Great display of power. Great performance by Stan. The result is a great villain.

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    1. Thank you! I think that, as much as Marvel gets the superhero aspect down, they usually make a mess of the villain aspect, which is a pity. This was the first time they got the villain recipe right (which for me is this: as much as you want the hero to win, you must equally want to see the villain carry out their evil plans).


  3. Ha! How did I know he’d be popping up on here? 😉 Well done, Zoe!! He is a pretty kickass villain, isn’t he? I’m veeeeery interested in seeing where Marvel decides to go next with his character…

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      1. Nope. I liked him in Thor, but then they lost the plot. I blame the writers, they were extremely inconsistent with his character – he went from awesome to ridiculous and back again the whole time. BUT I think Tom Hiddleston is absolutely awesome and does a great job with the material!

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      2. Oh man. I have to say that I love the direction they’ve gone with Loki…but I will definitely concede that Thor isn’t the best film (it’s one of my least favorite Marvel films), so I could see how that might factor into your frustration with the character. But I adore him in Avengers and Dark World, so I can get past that. 🙂

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      3. See, I thought they delved waaaaaaaay too much into the cheese in Avengers, and as much as I freaking love long hair, I just wanted to give him a comb hahaha. However, I was not a fan of Dark World BUT he was very, very good in there again. It’s just so inconsistent 😦 It’s like they can’t decide if he is supposed to be totally badass or like a toss up between bad and cheesy. Oh well. We will see, I am looking forward to seeing what he will do next!

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      4. Ohhhh I forgot you didn’t like Avengers! Gees, I can hardly believe that. Lol. Sorry you’re not a fan of the treatment of Loki. I just think he’s perfect…But we’ll see what happens next!

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      5. Hahahaha, see, that’s the issue. I still maintain that I will be watching it again sometime knowing what I know about it… I might like it more. Meh. LOL. Tom Hiddleston makes him just perfect in my mind 🙂 Looking forward to it!

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