As a little back story to this new feature – I use to be a very avid book reader before I got entangled in the world of blogging and just started reading blogs all day. I even had / have a book review site that I wrote on occasionally that I haven’t updated since January of 2013.  The other day I opened the bureau to get something out of it and I noticed the STACK of unread books I have sitting there and got nostalgic for the smell and feel of printed material and thought to myself, “You know what? I’m going to read a fucking book!” And, since I know Zoë is such a fan of book reading I told her about my new dedication and she was all “YAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYA YOU CHOP!!!!” and we discussed posting about it / them out here. Then we discussed my book review site and how I want to turn it down and we thought maybe we could put some of them out here on Zuts, not only to build her library but also to not just throw away all of that fucking typing I did.

So, today we present the first installment of IT READS: and we’ll go with the HIGHLY entertaining and hilarious PRIDE AND PREJUDICE AND ZOMBIES: DAWN OF THE DREADFULS!

P.S. This was actually written a few years ago so those of you familiar with my style my find this a little different. And – look at all of those quotation marks!


This is one of my favorite books I have ever read. I know it’s not going to fall on most people’s lists of “favorite books” but it’s on mine. This book is HILARIOUS and so full of satire I wish I had written it. This came out after “Pride and Prejudice and Zombies” (PPZ) stormed the New York Times bestseller list and, if you were looking, we saw dozens of copycats come out riding PPZ’s coattails. I read PPZ and loved it – then i read “Sense and Sensibility and Sea Monsters” – which I liked, but I didn’t love the author of SSSM’s style. Speaking of that author (Ben Winters), now that I finished “Dreadnaught” I am going to start “Android Karenina” another of Quirk Books literary mashups, before the third installment of PPZ arrives, the highly anticipated “Pride and Prejudice and Zombies: Dreadfully Ever After”, also by Hockensmith (YAY). Anyway, I was in the mood to do a book review, after finishing “Dreadnaught” so I pulled this off the bookshelf and thought I would do a write up about this while i was at it.

So, PPZ took PandP and added the living dead and loads of hilarity. I had never read PandP or seen any of the countless renditions on film, but i don’t think I could ever sit through a reading of that stuffiness. PPZ took the original text and twisted it all up into something very fun, but it still had to deal with Jane Austen’s writing. PPZ DOD didn’t have to. Hockensmith was able to totally drum up his own “Victorian style” and de-Austen it for DOD, which is the satire I am talking about. It is blatantly obvious he is making nothing but fun of the haughty, polite, rich, olde english of the time and using modern words. Then he throws in ninjas, secret pasts, armies of the living dead, dojo training and mad scientists and it’s all just wickedly fun from start to finish. It’s about 300 pages and I think I read it in four days, I couldn’t put it down.

Are you familiar with the Bennet family? Well I sure wasn’t… I could probably say that they’re a bunch of uppity rich English living in the countryside, mother and father and five daughters trying to get married, dealing with societal class. Well, in PPZ they are also trained in the deadly arts of dispatching the “Dreadfuls” as politely and severely as possible. DOD gives us the prequel to all of that business, they day the dead start coming back to life, the Bennet girls’ training (and wooing) under imported Master Hawksworth, the resurrection of the Bennet father’s dignity (and combat skills), a secret tryst between the mother and a Captain with no arms or legs (but soldiers who act as though he does) and zombie battles galore. I don’t think I can do it much more justice except to say this thing is F-ing funny. Just like in PPZ, DOD has awesome woodcut prints scattered throughout, that add to the fun of this book.


As an update to this post, I thought I would add that this came with a trailer for it. It’s absolutely hilarious and is a must watch:

And to quote: “They may be dead, God Dammit, but they’re still Englishmen!!!”




  1. Look at you, reading books and whatnot!!! Lol. Seems like a perfect choice for you, Eric. I started Pride & Prejudice & Zombies a long time ago, but I had this terrible idea that I’d read it while I was reading Pride & Prejudice. I ended up finishing P&P and letting P&P&Z fall by the wayside. I need to finish it though because I loved what I read. Also, they’re coming out with a movie of it! Nice job, you crazy Giantess!!!

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