Review: Warm Bodies – Isaac Marion

warm bodies book cover

Warm Bodies #1

R is not your usual zombie – something is different about him. R misses things like words and conversation and the ability to read. This is certainly not how the Dead think and operate, but R is different. One day when out “hunting” with another pack of zombies, they fall upon a group of the Living who are on a Salvage mission. While a bloodbath ensues, R murders Perry Kelvin and takes his brain. The brain is the one thing that gives the Dead some memories of the victim’s brain they are consuming – their version of dreaming. While he is savouring Perry’s memories, he sees the romance between Perry and a girl named Julie Grigio “Cabernet”, who happens to be on the salvage mission. Something is triggered in R, and he protects Julie, and takes her back to the airport R and his fellow dead call home.

Julie is initially really freaked out, but soon realises that R is a little different. While he struggles to say much, he can string a word or two together from time to time, enough to tell her that he will keep her safe. Julie grudgingly accepts this, and tries to find a way to live at the airport until R returns her to her father. R finds that he is rather attracted to Julie, something that does not even make sense to him, seeing as he is Dead and she is Living. R is also hiding the knowledge, buried deep away, that it was he who killed Perry. He doesn’t think that Julie will react too well with this.

R and Julie develop a friendship together. One day, this friendship is almost disrupted when Julie attempts to leave the airport and is cornered by a group of the Dead, who are intent on eating her. R saves her, and the Dead seem to allow this. The Boneys, some strange and bizarre leaders of the Dead, are not happy, and make it clear that whatever is going on between R and Julie will not change anything. R is noticing some changes in himself, and realises that he is stringing more words together in a coherent sentence, and is expressing things more than his Dead mind ever allowed. He attributes this to Julie. Eating more of Perry’s brain gives R more of his memories, but it also seems to be making Perry a part of him. R is definitely changing, and he isn’t the only one. It seems that he and Julie have set something in motion, though neither is sure what, or what they will do with it.

What is generating the change in R? Will it affect the other Dead? Is this deadly plague coming full circle? What have he and Julie done, and how will it affect the apocalyptic world the Earth has become? Are they a cure? Is R just weird? Is Julie just too hopeful? Is it just Perry’s brain that R is consuming that is leading him to believe that he loves her, and that he can protect her?

GRADE 6.5I recently watched Warm Bodies and had no idea that it was based on a book, until Cara of Silver Screen Serenade asked if I knew that. I said no (obviously), but offered to give it a test run and see what I thought. Warm Bodies was quite a fast read, I will give it that, and not a bad one while we are at it. There were things that I did not like about the book (some characters weren’t really that well developed) and the plot was a little slow sometimes, but overall it was definitely not a bad read. I loved the pictures at the start of all the chapters (yes, I know that has nothing to do with the content, but it is worth noting cause it looked really cool). R was still great in here, very entertaining. The humour that was sprinkled throughout this was enjoyable, too. I was not a particular fan of Julie. She had her moments, but there was also something about her that set my teeth on edge, so that naturally put me off of her a little bit. Perry was such a broken and damaged individual. I liked the way that Marion worked Perry into the story without him actually being a character, but more of like… a moral compass and/or voice in R’s head. One thing that annoyed the hell out of me was the lack of question marks. Half the times those were questions, not statements. It means it closes with a “?” – just saying. I would love to call it a minor thing, but it really wasn’t for me. I think the writing style was just a little off. Marion certainly provided another outlook to the zombie myth that there is, and I actually had a pretty good time with it. R’s thoughts were interesting to read, and I absolutely adored the way he communicated with snippets of music, it was lovely. I must admit that the first half was more entertaining for me than the second half, which seems to be a common complaint here. However, it is pretty sweet. As much as I enjoyed this, I cannot see myself rushing to read it again, but I can say it is worth the read if you don’t have anything else that needs your immediate attention.

22 thoughts on “Review: Warm Bodies – Isaac Marion

  1. Nice review Zoe! I had to comment 🙂

    I tried reading this (because I loved the movie so much!) but only got about half way. It was a great story I just didn’t like the way it was written as much, it was a bit too ‘dreamy’ for me and I guess I lost interest a little.

    If that makes sense!!

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    1. Thanks Emma!

      I totally get that. I liked the first half a lot more, but the second half was not so great, and as you see, the writing also irritated me a bit. It wasn’t awful, but the second half just lost it for me. I preferred the movie, to be very honest.

      *I’d totally forgotten to review this before it posted*

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      1. I’m glad you know what I mean!

        Maybe I should have stuck with it, but that surreal way of writing, all dreamily, just isn’t really for me. But that’s not to say it wasn’t a good story, with great sentiment. I’m sure there’s a sequel, actually no, prequel… yeah I’m sure there’s a prequel as well, about how the virus began and took over everyone. Not too sure though.

        Definitely preferred the movie!!!!! I only read the book because of the movie 🙂

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      2. Yeah I had no idea there was one prior to Cara mentioning it. It wasn’t awful, but I really don’t see myself going back to it anytime soon. Might read the prequel at some stage though, it would be nice to have a bigger, better understanding of it all.

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      3. Yes definitely! I was rather hoping they’d do a movie prequel 🙂

        Maybe you can shed more light as you read the whole book, but watching the movie I got the impression this zombie virus thingy-me-jig was quite a long, on-going thing. I mean 15 – 20 years perhaps?

        So a better understanding would be really good yes! Especially when we think of what the cure happened to be…the kindness and understanding of others. Perhaps a total lack of this, brought it on in the first place?

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      4. Yeah Marion never really cleared that up all too much in the books either, but it is safe to assume that there was at least a decade or more to it.

        Hmmmmm, nearing the end of the book Julie says she things that it was the lack of kindess and understanding that brought this out, not some disease created in a lab, so I would like to see if the prequel reflects that.

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  2. Dearest Affectionate JJB,

    Sounds OK…. Maybe when I retire LOL. But, I will have to work until the day I die or until you start taking care of me.



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    1. Kindest PSC,

      Well, if you can pay me, then we should be all good. Otherwise I, too, will be working myself to the bone 😦 WHY WORLD, WHY?!

      Meh, you could totally skip this. You’d probably chuck the book across the room.



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  3. Wow I had no idea the film was based off a book either. I take it the film adaptation is a bit more compelling? At least there aren’t any grammatical things to tick viewers off (like the absence of question marks at the ends of sentences lol). That stuff would irritate me so quickly I think!!

    Nice review old friend!!


    1. The film was definitely more compelling (in my eyes). Oh my gosh Tom, I know it sounds petty but I ultimately wanted to bite something because of it! At least you understand it 🙂

      Thank you!


  4. Oh wow! You got to this one quickly! Lol. Nice review, Zoe! Sounds like this is one of those rare cases where the movie is better than the book, eh? Sorry to hear it was a letdown! Thanks for taking one for the team, anyway. 😉


    1. Short books always tend to be bumped up quicker because I can just blow through them and be done. It is a rare case, but it was definitely what went down here lady! Anytime! You’ve recommended really good books, now I can tell you that this one is only worth the read if you have nothing else 😉

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