Rapid Review: Chronicle (2012)

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“This is my theory though, is that it’s like a muscle. Like it’s elastic, if you stretch it too far too quick, it’ll tear. That’s why I think we’re getting stronger, you know? Cause we’re working it out. Getting buff.”
– Matt Garetty

SYNOPSIS: Whilst attending a party, three high school friends gain superpowers after making an incredible discovery underground. Soon, though, they find their lives spinning out of control and their bond tested as they embrace their darker sides. – via IMDB

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GRADE 8Something I have been meaning to check out for ages, if not only for Dane DeHaan. Eventually I got to it though, and I must say that I thoroughly enjoyed it. The whole thing is shot found footage style (and we all know that I am not the biggest fan) but it just worked perfectly for this, to be honest. Then there was the whole thing with the camera, but the characters addressed it so frequently, and it was explained so well, that it didn’t bug me like why is this being filmed all the time, and who is filming all the time, etc. It came together very well. I also enjoyed the performances from the actors. Dane DeHaan was absolutely brilliant, and his character was such a sad creature. I empathised with him, and just felt really awful seeing all that he was going through. Michael B Jordan is an actor that I like, he carries himself very well, and his portrayal of Steve was really good. He was actually such a chilled out guy, super popular but normal. Alex Russell played Matt very well, capturing him, though I found him to be less developed than the other two, which is odd considering the role he takes on later. The story is engaging, and the plot moves along at a relatively good pace. I was not bored ever, at any rate. Some people have complained that Chronicle was fine up until the second half, but I must say that it was pretty cool for me, too. The movie was engaging enough to keep my other half rooted to the couch after he vehemently informed me that he had to work, so that must count for something. The effects were not great, showing that the movie was made on a budget, but that did not detract for me whatsoever. The character were important, and what they did was what kept me watching, not spectacular effects or anything like that.

29 thoughts on “Rapid Review: Chronicle (2012)

  1. Dearest JB,

    I quite liked this too! Did you ever see my double take post on this one?? I thought the end when they were flying around in that car was kind of dodgy but overall I really liked it.



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    • Kindest PSC,

      Yep yep, I did see that one. Yeah, that might have been a little super dodgy, but aside from that I had loads of fun with this. I was prepared to forgive the small budget purely because it was a great ride!



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      • Dearest ISC,

        I am a fan of this movie, no two ways about it. I can see I will be watching this again soon, I bought it right after I saw it, I liked it that much.



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    • I am not fond of found footage at all, but this was definitely one of the better ones. I think you’re right though, it would have been amazing without the FF concept to hang on.


    • Thanks Lady Mutant! You are one of the few, but I didn’t mind it in here, certainly one of the better found footage films (probably ever). I am glad to hear that you liked this one 😀


  2. Nice one Zoe. I recall this being one of your BSR entries, I do believe and I seem to remember you really enjoying it then too. Have you rewatched it since? or just the once or whenever it was?

    I have to confess I have not seen it STILL! Gah, I’m a terrible supporter of people’s contributions. Hahah. The whole point of doing the guest review thing was to stir up ideas for me to watch. Need to quit slacking. Need to stop prioritizing the things *I* want to watch. . . .;) 😛

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    • Thanks Tom! yep, I did it for the BSR I did, I only saw it the once, wrote a review for my site a while later 🙂

      Bwahahahaha no worries, I know how that goes! Oh sheesh, it gets difficult to get up and watch something someone else recommends sometimes… I get it 😀


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  4. Oh did you just recently watch this?? For some reason I had it in my head that you’d seen it a long time ago. I thought you were the one recommending that I watch this, but I must have been thinking of someone else…Anyway, great review! I liked this one quite a bit, too. It’s encouraging to see a good found-footage film again! Lol. We discussed DeHaan’s character, so you already know how I feel about that. Can he just…play someone without an abundance of angst? Just once? Hahaha.

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