Character Tribute: Eric Northman

So I have been chewing on this idea for a while now, and I have decided that I will be putting out some character tributes for characters I have particularly enjoyed in a movie or a series. I thought there would be no better way that to start this segment off with a bang, giving Eric Northman the spotlight!

eric northman tribute

Whether you liked True Blood or not, it cannot be denied that whether things were good or bad, Eric Northman was a damn entertaining character all round. He kept me watching until the fairy crap, and then I went off the show, then I got back on it, and I must confess, it was still Eric that had me coming back for more and more and more. Portrayed by the delectable Alexander Skarsgård, Eric is sassy, cocky, cheeky, indifferent and just plain down fabulous. I decided I will talk about some of the reasons I love him, though in no particular order.

The way he could always make an entrance.

eric northman kicking in doors

Every time he got in Bill’s hair, it was like big points for you my friend. He was not even subtle about it. The two were great when they got on one another’s nerves.

bill and eric arguing again

Eric’s relationship with Pam. This is something that I have spoken about before, and this is no exception. I absolutely adored the two of them together. Eric, always indifferent and cruel and cut off from the world, was a whole different creature when Pam was involved. When things went right, they were always sniping at each other, but in a soft way. When things got serious, you could see how close they were.

pam and eric haireric and pam

Eric’s ascention into the modern day and age, and how he can sometimes pass for being normal.

eric and the phone

His absolute and unwavering loyalty to Godric. Crushing.

godric and eric

Whenever Eric is over listening to someone and he just moves on to other things… how do you blame the guy?

eric hot

His amazing on screen persona, there is just a dash of regular Eric under the business and caring facade presented to the public, and I like that.

eric politician or vampire

The reading… in a leather jacket. And those eyes. The hair. The looks. All of it. Eric didn’t even need to open his mouth to dominate a scene.

eric reading deliciously

Dat ass…

eric northman bum1

He is not all up to date with the times, and doesn’t have time to wade through all the jargon. Cut to the chase.

eric don't speak techie to me

No matter what, Pam and Eric were always in it together.

eric and pam

When Eric shares something deeper, it always shocks you.

eric northman being nice

Drunk Eric was so amusing.

drunk erickrokodiler

When he kissed Pam, and I was finally satisfied, and knew that they were perfect in every single way.

eric and pam gif

The way a simple thing like sunbathing could induce a mini heart-attack…

eric northman tanning in sweden

When sarcastic Eric makes an appearance. Always worth checking out!

eric lilith can fucking blow meeric sarcastic agagin

The way he could wear a tracksuit and it didn’t even faze me.

eric northman it's the new me

How he just couldn’t stay too serious for too long.

eric northman that was saucy

That time Eric wanted to drive, and dropped in to ask it.

eric begging to drive

Throned Eric. Has anyone ever looked that fine while brooding atop a throne in a strip joint/bar? I think not. But nevertheless, the location was unimportant, Eric sat on that throne like the Viking king he was.

hot eric in the club

Subservient and displeased about it, Eric was not a fan of being Bill’s underling. Without outright telling him that, it was the smaller, more sarcastic gestures that made this perfect.

sarcastic to the king eric

The way he says some things, and manages to get away with it.

we fight like siblings but fuck like champions

Every time we were rewarded with this…

eric taking shirt off

Whenever he did something out of character, he still somehow managed to make it work.

eric in car

He provided the best cleaning service you could possibly hope for.


The time he showed up at the Governor’s mansion looking like this:

eric northman geek

The way he recognised Ginger purely by her scream, and went back to save her.

eric northman i know that screameric northman i know that scream

Through the ups and downs of the show, I will have to admit that Eric was a large reason I stuck around. Farewell!


37 thoughts on “Character Tribute: Eric Northman

      1. Yeah, pretty much. I’m 4 months out now so I’m just super duper busy. But I read you guys when I can catch snatches of spare time during the day. I miss all you guys.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Yeah, it was early bc one of my best friend’s won’t be able to come to the wedding (she moved away to Vietnam!) so she wanted to throw it for me before she left. It does feel like a long time ago, I’m probably due for another one haha.

        Liked by 1 person

      3. Oh no, that’s sucky!

        HA! No harm in having another one! YOU SHOULD DO IT! I mean how often do you get to have TWO bachelorettes for the same wedding? Make history Smash!


  1. Dearest Pervish JBSB,

    This is an excellent post even if it’s not my cup of tea. I am going to assume that, because you have no GIFs of me, you went with Northman.





    Liked by 1 person

    1. YAY!! I freaking LOVE Eric. He is like the whole package. Hmmmmmmmmm. I am glad that True Blood is done now and all that, but not going to lie, I really, really miss Eric :/


  2. OMG YAAASSSSS. I am in love with this post. And also Eric. He’s just…perfection. Eric, Pam, Jason, and Lafayette are pretty much the only reasons I have any interest in finishing up the last season. Everyone else…meh. Also, random, but did Eric and Pam end up as a couple?? I know they ended up together, but I didn’t know if they were romantic or whatever.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. 🙂 🙂 Then this post served its purpose well 🙂 🙂 He is just delicious and perfect, I am so with you there. As for those characters: exactly why I ended up finishing it all up. Not so much as a couple, you just know how Pam and Eric had the most intricate bond and all that, the two just ended up together in everything. Not in the romantic sense though.

      Liked by 1 person

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