True Blood: Season 1 (2008)

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What I liked:

  • The sets that were used. Looked all great and Southern to me.
  • The courting between Sookie and Bill. It was pretty sweet, lots of tension.
  • The theme song. Jace Everett’s Bad Things was just the perfect theme song for this.
  • Alexander Skarsgård as Eric Northman. Just enough of an accent underneath it to let you know he is a little foreign. He is the pure embodiment of a Viking, and it shows. His attitude gets me, and his presentation is perfect.
  • Kristen Bauer van Straten as Pam. I absolutely love this casting. She was absolutely perfect, capturing Pam as she is supposed to be: beautiful, loyal to Eric, bitchy, slightly enigmatic. I liked it.
  • Jason Stackhouse having a bigger role than in the books. Let’s face it, he is such an absolute idiot, that cannot be denied, but he is lovable and entertaining.
  • Todd Lowe as Terry Bellefleur. His portrayal was great, and he captured that war vet thing quite well, though he was not nearly as antsy as I would have expected. Nevertheless, he is adorable.

What I didn’t like:

  • Too little Eric Northman. Yes, you read that correctly.
  • Anna Paquin. I am not her biggest fan at all, she actually irritates me, so sometimes she just grated on me.
  • The lack of physical chemistry between Anna Paquin and Stephen Moyer. Everything was fine when it was all just lusty looks and chatting, but the minute it came to physical interactions, it all just seemed so wooden, making the whole build up end in a serious anti-climax.
  • The wrong teeth are the fangs. Last I checked they were supposed to be the canines, not the lateral incisors.
  • Not really getting around to Eric’s fascination with Sookie – he is portrayed as very indifferent to her, when actually he is drawn in by her, wishing to know more, even though she doesn’t like him.

bill and sookie true blood

Not a GRADE 7.5bad way to start a new series at all. I liked how it started, how the characters were introduced, how it began coming together. Bill Compton’s arrival was also presented pretty well. The courting between him and Sookie was quite sweet to watch, though it completely lost the plot when it came to the physical side of it all, which is a disappointment (I know how that sounds) seeing how big a part of the story it is. I thought the score was pretty monotonous. It starts out just fine, but then the same people get the same tracks, and it gets old quickly. The acting was fine for the most part, though there were places it was a little stiff. Rutina Wesley was well cast to play Tara Thornton, though I am not a fan of her character at all. I don’t mind a loud and angry character, she was just pretty annoying. Bill’s punishment for saving Sookie was also pretty cool, sad for him yet it all comes together well. Jessica is an absolute pain. Pam is worth the watch, time and time again, she is sassy, smart, sexy, and an extremely bitchy (undead) person, but it just works for her. Alexander Skarsgård  impressed me endlessly as Eric Northman, and also provided much of the delectable eye candy of the show (I mean that tall, blonde hair, blue eyed Viking? SOLD). Lizzy Caplan’s character Amy was the worst thing ever. Not just the hippy stuff, but everything about her as a person sucked. Eddie was right, she really was psychopathic. It was amusing for me to see how much trouble Jason was in, though on the other hand it was not supposed to be funny. His character really is an idiot, but he is always trying his best. I have much love for Nelsan Ellis as Lafayette, he rocked that role Bill’s gradual semi-acceptance into Bon Temps is done well, never too sudden, never not happening at all either. Overall, while True Blood is no Hannibal or True Detective, it is a fast and easy way to pass the time, provided you don’t take it too seriously.

eric and pam

32 thoughts on “True Blood: Season 1 (2008)

  1. This was a good start, wasn’t it? I loved the first two/three episodes and then they went and changed the time on me, and then started cutting scenes in between and I just stopped following it. Should try it on DVD sometime.

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    1. It was good, and it was pretty fun in the beginning. It loses the plot a little (lot) but it is still fine to sit around and laugh at at home on DVD. Hope you enjoy it!


  2. Woah Zoe. Getting pretty technical there about which teeth are meant to be the incisors.

    I was never particularly keen on seeing this. But then Amy and I took it away on holidays and smashed through the whole season in a weekend. Really enjoyed it. Loved the theme song and opening credits. Agree with some of your criticisms though. I like Paquin but I agree there is a lack of chemistry between her and the male lead.

    We have the second season lying around, but have never started it for some reason.

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    1. LOL yeah I don’t know, every time they extended their fangs I couldn’t help but think they looked really silly!

      Thanks Tim! Considering how she and Bill are supposed to be having this epic love story, the lack of chemistry was really frustrating.

      You should check it out sometime. It starts out just fine, and later it just moves into ludicrous territory, but it is entertaining nonetheless.


    2. Yeah I have heard that it gets pretty absurd pretty quickly after season 1. But I find that once a show has me hooked, I will slog through any number of dire seasons to get to the end.


      1. Well, good luck when you get to this. If you don’t take it too seriously then it is alright as something to watch that doesn’t need too much time, energy and dedication, plus each season is a fast watch because it is slow. However, still can’t deny it gets pretty crazy!


  3. Dearest JB!!

    Good work on this one. You’ve got a couple of seasons to go before this turns to shit. Good luck!! I didn’t even finish the last season it sucked SO BAD.



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    1. Dear SSC,

      Thank you kindly. I finished the last season over the weekend, so there will be a whole lot more to be said on these haha. Yeah, it got really… WHY?! JUST WHY?!




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    1. Dear Chemistry Kidney,

      Well, they sure as hell didn’t bring it with them to screen… or maybe that is why things heated up for them later on in the show… I will have to go and cross-reference dates and what not.

      Best of luck for today!

      Bestie Bug


    1. LOL! Well, this certainly isn’t the show for everyone. It took me way too long to get into it and I fell out of love with it really fast. Meh. But then when I went back it was alright.


  4. I almost didn’t continue watching the show after the very first scene, with the redneck vamp in the store. Those teeth… they’re awful! Way too big, shooting out with that stupid little click, and yes, in the wrong place. The Lost Boys did that too, but it’s my favourite film ever, so it gets a pass. True Blood isn’t good enough for me to ignore the little things. If they’d have actually stuck to the books, I’m sure it’d have made a much better show. As it is, I made it to the end of season 5, and then had enough. “Fuck this shit” is, I believe, exactly what I said :-p

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    1. Oh man, I don’t even blame you! The end of season five was just like okay, enough of this now! Season six was absolutely horrible, I almost pulled my hair out. I stuck through it all just to finish it at the very least, but it progressively got worse and worse, and it was flawed, you are right.


    1. I haven’t, but I see you are not a fan so I will be avoiding. It took me a really long time to get into this the first time, then it fell out of favour with me fast, but it was something to kill time with now and I liked that.

      Oki, I liked Eric Northman.



  5. Ahhh the promising beginning of True Blood. Too bad it begins to go downhill after the third season. :/ Good write-up, lady! Agreed on all counts! Yeah isn’t it weird that Bill and Sookie’s chemistry is lacking? Especially since they’re married in real life…Looks at you getting all dentisty on us with your lateral incisors and such! Lol. I have a confession to make: yes, I love Eric in this. But that wig…yeesh. I was glad to see it go. Hahaha.

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    1. Yeah the decline was rapid after three… even three just dived by the end of it 😦 Pity, too. I saw Natasha was saying they are an item. I thought it was so strained in this first season! It got way better in season two and onwards though! Yeah, the teeth peeved me, even after I read the reasoning behind it and all. Not a fan.

      Yes, the short hair was eventually better (imagine me, of all people, saying that?!). It fluctuated between looking alright to looking ridiculous.

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  6. I still remembering binge watching the first season of True Blood. Thats a rare and good thing. I really am not the Anna Paquin or even the character of Sookie’s fan much. I mean Pam has a more interesting character and everyone has so much more space to grow than her.

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    1. I am with you there Kim. I must say, they made Sookie FAR more annoying in the show than the books. She was just a pain! Ah man, Pam is just super awesome, she really cracks me up.


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