Film Club: Oldboy (2013)

Hey everybody! It was Film Club time again over the weekend! Head on over to check out the extremely varied opinions on Spike Lee’s 2013 remake of Oldboy!

what about the twinkie?


Film Club is an idea that I have been toying with for a while now. Originally it was a feature I was going to do on my own where once a month I would try to dissect a film, whether it be a renowned classic or something more modern. After a while though, I thought this was a feature best suited to multiple reviews, from various perspectives. With that I emailed a few fellow bloggers who were more than willing to get on board with the idea and help me out, and Film Club was born.

The rules of Film Club are:

1st Rule: You do not talk about Film Club.

2nd Rule: Ignore rule number 1, because I want everyone to talk about Film Club as much as possible.

3rd Rule: We don’t review cinema releases, as not everyone is always able to get to the cinema in time.

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6 thoughts on “Film Club: Oldboy (2013)

      1. Are we going to have to alert Brian (a.k.a. R.O.T.O.R.) for some super-high dose energy injectoids for you Mr Isaacs? Do you need a five hour energy drink?

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  1. I read this! Shit – remind me – wasn’t your review the most positive one? I need to go make lunch! lol.

    I have to watch the original for my own imdb thing. Just working up the nerve as I’m a wuss on mega violence! 🙂


    1. Well, it was one of two positive ones hahaha. I thought it wasn’t bad, and don’t get why it got so much flak, but then I never saw the original.

      I can’t even say it isn’t violent… lol. YOU CAN DO IT!


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