The IPC – The Movie: Trailer

In case any of you missed it, head on over to Luke’s site to check out the exclusive trailer for The IPC: The Movie!

Oracle of Film

Well, you guys asked for it. Sorry for the bad audio and jumpy video, but my computer makes editing these videos as difficult as it can. I hope this is the Eric Isaacs movie you all wanted!

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19 thoughts on “The IPC – The Movie: Trailer

  1. JJSSBB,


    What do you think about the portrayal of JBSB? How do you think her character reacts to the IPC?? I see a tear towards the end….



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    1. TGMJS,

      It was hilarious!

      I laughed when Dhavernas showed up, very nice haha. It seems that I am disappointed, and then later sad and depressed. YOU BROKE MY FUCKING HEART!!



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