House of Cards: Season 1 (2013)

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What I liked:

  • Kevin Spacey breaking the fourth wall. Not always easy, but it feels like we are a part of all that is going on, that he is trusting us with information, giving us an inside look of how things get done, and how he operates. You sort of feel like his diary/confidante when watching.
  • Francis being from the South. That accent was just fantastic. He exudes class and good manners, meanwhile he is a sly scoundrel.
  • David Fincher directing a few episodes. Nice to see him and Spacey together again on a project.
  • Francis and Claire’s relationship. It is bizarre, but I could not picture either one of them permanently being with anyone else, they are so well suited.
  • Francis’s power in his home town. It is amazing that he is powerful and respected all over, but watching him play on his own home turf is highly entertaining.
  • The consistency of Freddy, his rib joint, and Francis seeking refuge there.
  • The theme song. It just sounds dangerous, political, the whole shebang.
  • Every action has a reaction. Watching the ripple effects are fascinating.
  • Doug Stamper and his sobriety, as well as his decent side, which does not make an appearance too often, but it ultimately very rewarding when it does.
  • The show’s pacing. Everything is deliberate, everything has a time and a place and a reason.

What I didn’t like:

  • Kate Mara. Yes, I might be unpopular with this, but she just irrationally irritates the shit out of me (Abbi, you totally need to patent that phrase :P). She is not a convincing actress, I find her wooden, and her just being on screen grates on my nerves.
  • How quickly everyone seemed to be linking everything back to Francis by the end of it, it just didn’t sit well with  me. He is cautious, nobody suspects anything, and next thing the last few episodes everything is like “Oh, your source is Underwood” and “So you were sleeping with Underwood” and all these things, with zero build up to it.

house of cards season 1 nobody can hear you


GRADE 8.5House of Cards is the perfect example of a solid series. I was pretty taken with this, though I am a big fan of politics, games, and schemes. Also, Kevin Spacey is my mother’s favourite actor, so I grew up watching a lot of Spacey, and I really like his work. Seeing him in a television series? I thought that this was just going to be amazing, seeing him for longer periods of time, really getting in with his character. That Southern accent threw me when he first opened his mouth, I had not seen that coming, but it works for his character on so many levels. House of Cards is also incredibly well shot. The camera work is deliberate, and it’s always cool when Spacey chats with the camera. Breaking the fourth wall is not usually easy, and is more often than not jarring, but it just works so well here. It feels like he is taking you into his confidence, and you feel privileged to be privy to the information he is sharing. It is also impressive that David Fincher worked on the show, too, always nice to see it all. I found the relationship between Francis and Claire to be very strange. They love each other, but take other lovers either because they feel like it or it can further something for them, and they are okay with that.The underhanded wheeling and dealing was fascinating, too, and the title of the show totally makes sense when you see how it is being put together. I thought Michael Kelly as Doug Stamper was brilliant, and I had a lot of fun watching his character, he had a lot of depth and what not to bring to the screen, even if he wasn’t on as often as I would have liked. I would highly recommend looking into House of Cards if you haven’t seen it yet – tightly written, phenomenally acted, great pace, this show is definitely the one to grab your atttention!

46 thoughts on “House of Cards: Season 1 (2013)

      1. Precious JB,

        Guess what??? News leaked the other day that we’ll have free Wi-Fi in this building soon. Hannibal will be the first thing I stream!



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      2. Dearest SSC,




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  1. This show is so freaking good and season 2 is even better! I agree something about Mara bugs me too. I like her sister better. I die for this show, so good. It reminds me of a contemporary version of Game of Thrones, the way everyone is up to a plan and scheme and get ahead. Nice write up you make some great points. My fave on the show has to be Robin Wright, she is awesome!

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    1. YAY I am so happy to see some passion here for House of Cards! Yes, it really is. So much wheeling and dealing and scheming. I love political dramas, so you must know how excited I was for this. Meh, Kate Mara is just really annoying. She always has been for me. Maybe one day she does something that impresses me endlessly. Oh yeah, Wright was fantastic in here!


      1. Yes of course you know I binge watched this. Did you finish season 2 yet? Such great writing, Netflix is really upping the stakes. Can you believe this didn’t get any awards at the Emmy’s this year? Did you watch the first season of American Horror Story? Mara was in that and she was so annoying. So I guess you are happy how season 1 ended haha.


      2. I haven’t started season two yet, I have been all over other stuff at the moment. I watched season one on like… a Friday night and a Saturday morning and then I was done. I loved Spacey in here! WHY ON EARTH NOT?! I freaking LOVE American Horror Story, and Mara was irritating as hell in there :/ Can’t win!


      3. I am super stoked for it! I really hope they get back to form. Coven started with a bang and then just left a sour taste in my mouth later on. Totally disappointed.


      4. Bwahaha, check you out. Yeah I loved one and two, three started well then just got RIDICULOUS, and they didn’t use Peters much, and I love him. Glad Bates and Bassett are coming back for four though. Apparently this is Lange’s last season, and I just can’t picture American Horror without her :/


      5. I know right, I don’t know if we could watch it without her. It would just seem very odd and out of place for her not be there. Agree Evans is great and he has really stood out. Plus he is super adorable (damn you Emma Roberts). Do you know if Taissa Farmiga is coming back? I really like her too and she was really under used last season, would love to see her come back with a meatier role. And yes Bates and Bassett they are awesome.


      6. Hmmm, I suppose we will have to see if she really goes. It will break my heart though, that woman is GOOD. He is super cute, so yummy. Yeah, damn her! 😛 I did some reading, apparently she is not, conflicting schedules. Yeah, she should come back with some more kick. Hopefully she will be in one of the others. YAY on Denis O’Hare coming again for season four, I really enjoy him! Just wish Quinto would come back 😦 😦


      7. Darn! Thank you for doing that research. See this is why we’re friends. Yes Denis O’Hare is very cool and agree I have been whining about Quinto being gone another season. WTF Ryan Murphy, get with the program bring him back! He is such a scene stealer slightly in love with him too. Looking forward to seeing what Michael Chiklis will bring to the show. 🙂


      8. Naturally, it is always a pleasure hahaha. O’Hare entertains me endlessly in anything. ;( We need to petition to have Quinto come back. He is an amazing actor and he just… yes, I understand exactly what you are saying. Well, let’s see, hoping for the best!


  2. Hello Zoe!! I managed to watch only a few episodes of this and it’s VERY good indeed! Spacey is definitely in his element here, but the supporting cast are great all around. First time I saw Kate Mara too, and y’know what, I like her more than her sister Rooney.

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    1. So happy to hear that it has impressed you Ruth! Spacey just owns this, and a fantastic supporting cast doesn’t hurt AT ALL. You know, I only recently learned that they were sisters. I just don’t understand the hype :/


  3. Yeahhhh I need to watch this. Along with 3,000 other things. SO. MUCH. GOOD. STUFF. Lol. I’m with you on Kate Mara though–she kind of drives me nuts in what I’ve seen her in…But I love Kevin Spacey! Great review, lady!!

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  4. Hmm. Sounds good. This is a show that’s actually available for me to watch. I’m just never going to ever EVER catch up on watching TV shows. Gotta prioritise. Nothing gets watched until I finish Game Of Thrones! Wish I hadn’t wasted time on one episode of The Strain. 😦


    1. Thanks Nostra! I have yet to see season two, hoping to get to it sometime soon 🙂 I hear from a lot of people that season two doesn’t stack up as well, though it is still really good.


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