Afternoon Special for the Ladies – Part 2

Hmmmm… it was perve time again and I took over The IPC to bring some more absolutely hot specimens together in a huge post for the ladies! Head on over to check it out! Hmmmmm…

Isaacs Picture Conclusions

Now that Shitfest has officially concluded, I figured I’d be back for Part 2 of subverting the patriarchal paradigm. You trusted I would come back, right? Right? Well, after the immense success that Part 1 generated and the overwhelming response it garnered, I knew that you ladies could use a nice smile. We all need our fixes, and a really good perve session is all that is necessary sometimes. I have done my utmost to create another delicious post, and I hope that it meets all the er… requirements that it should 😉

Be warned, this is going to be a monster of a post. I have been collecting since last time 😛 Also, spans of black and white photos because YUM.

Oh, and just a pic of Eva Green here so that this is (again) not a wasted post for the gents. I am such a thoughtful, nice, caring…

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