Let’s Do This Hitchcock Thing!


Hello everybody!

Today marks the day the Alfred Hitchcock Blogathon that Rob over at Movie Rob and I are hosting officially commences! For the next month your news feeds will be inundated with all sorts of Hitchcock reviews, from the silent films all the way through to colour and sound. To everyone who has been watching films for this and submitting reviews, we thank you very much for them, and for helping to make this project possible!

To participants, you are welcome to use the above banner for your site should you so choose to.


Reviews will be posted weekly from Sundays through to Thursdays, so keep your eyes open! 🙂

28 thoughts on “Let’s Do This Hitchcock Thing!

  1. Looking forward to it. I recently reviewed all of Hitch’s pictures in chronological order and found it an incredibly rewarding project. Hope you have fun!


  2. Reblogged this on and commented:
    Zoe (from Sporadic Chronicles of a Beginner Blogger) and I are doing an Alfred Hitchcock blogathon this month. Thanks to everyone who has sent us reviews. Reviews will start to be posted this coming Sunday!


  3. Dearest JB!!

    LOVE the banner!! Let me know when mine is going up and I’ll add it to the site and link it and such!!!

    Here’s to your blogathon!!





    1. My Kindest PSC,

      Thank you, thank you. I think it is pretty cool haha. I will let you know via email what we have on the schedule so you can start preparing for it 🙂

      Thanks a lot!




  4. Kind of going thru these posts in reverse-order. . lol! #wut


    Excited to be a part guys, thanks for having me. 😀


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