Sporadic Scene: Lawless (2012) – Just Like You To Believe Your Own Legend

The Bondurant brothers were certainly incredibly interesting, and had some wicked legends surrounding them. What with their crazy lifestyle and extreme luck, is it any wonder that they soon bought into their own legends?

If you have a scene that you would like featured, drop me a mail at sporadiczoe@hotmail.com with a picture/gif/video of the scene and an explanation as to why (should you want to include it).

59 thoughts on “Sporadic Scene: Lawless (2012) – Just Like You To Believe Your Own Legend

  1. Dearest JB,

    I haven’t given this thing a shot because of LePoof. Will he totally bother me in this thing??? I HATE him SO MUCH!! But I DO ♥ Chastain…




  2. Hi Zoë! I still haven’t seen this yet but as you know, I’m such a chicken in terms of gore and I heard that there’s quite a lot of brutal violence in this one. I do love Hardy and Chastain though.


    • Hi Ruth! Awwww, this one is well worth the watch, truly an excellent piece of cinema. Let’s not say the gore was overwhelming or anything like that. There was violence, but it was strategically used to drive a point home or something, and is not the central part of the film or anything. I would love to hear your thoughts on it.

      They are well worth the watch!


  3. This is a gooden! Solid choice! Lawless I thought to be very very underrated, even despite it’s overwrought drama sometimes and underdeveloped characters. Everyone was great in it, though. With hardy probably being the best of the lot (again)


    • Thanks Tom! I really wish more people had seen this one, it is such a great film. So very much worked for it, I am a big fan. Hardy was great, but DeHaan was especially good for me in here as Cricket.


      • yeah I had completely forgotten DeHaan was in this! It might actually have been the first thing I had seen him in, b/c I’m pretty sure the next thing was The Place Beyond the Pines, where he had a much more prominent role. I’m sure he was great here, too. I really like DeHaan


      • Ooooooh, I loved him in The Place Beyond the Pines… oki I might be very biased, because I absolutely adore him, but still. This was just a really, really good role for him, super smart, hobbling around, but for all intents and purposes a child.


      • Fair enough. (I would contend the characters are not well developed, the insertion of a female is inorganic and Labeof is not quite able to equal Hardy and Pearce’s performances, a shame given he’s the protagonist.)


      • 🙂

        His performance, while not the best ever, was one that really didn’t annoy me, and had some heart. I LOVED DeHaan in here, and just thought it was a good movie overall. Also, I really enjoyed Jason Clarke here.


      • I like DeHaan in everything. 🙂 Ditto that for Clarke.

        But the performances are not the central issue, at least not for me, in any film. The screenplay is. And I maintain Lawless’ screenplay is terribly uneven. Parts (like Hardy’s character) are great. Other parts (like the love story, LaBeauf’s character, and much of the surrounding world) are less good.


      • Yesss! DeHaan is amazing ❤ Clarke impressed me, and Howard was really funny. Wish we could have seen more of him in this though.

        Hmmmmm, I see what you are saying. It worked for me, there wasn't much for me to complain about. There were a few places where work could have been done, no doubt about that, but it was thoroughly enjoyable for me.


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