My latest entry for the latest Shitfest…

Dear goodness, this is something even the Shitfest Master Eric won’t watch!

Isaacs Picture Conclusions



under the bed poster

(just in case someone really wants to waste their time and look into this hunk of junk)

I know I am not one to spoil on movies, and usually I am pretty quiet on it. But this one… just no. I have to forewarn you all. I have to bitch, enough that you can understand why this was such a waste of life.

What the hell did I watch? This is like material that Eric usually watches (though even he wouldn’t touch this one and even laughed at me for having watched it)… I cannot even begin to articulate it, though I am going to try my best. I don’t even think that this will go on very long, either, which is alright too.

WHY, WHY, WHY?! First off, why the heck was the older brother with his aunt all…

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15 thoughts on “SHITFEST 2014: SUMMER ~ UNDER THE BED (2012)

    • Bwahahaha, Ruth, it is so bad it is actually laughable! If something like that hopped up from under MY bed I would first criticize the hell out of it based on appearance alone! 😛


      • Ahah, you’ll just be scolding this creature for being so laughably ugly then, LOVE it!! Well I don’t care for horror as you already know, even less so when it’s terrible, ahah.


      • Yeah, or send it back to it’s maker to give it one fat slap for shaming it in public!

        I don’t blame you. There are so many horrors, and so few good ones. 😦


      • I much prefer psychological horror that’s more suspenseful instead of a gore fest. There are way too many terrible horror movies year after year but people must love ’em otherwise studios won’t keep making ’em 😦


      • You are right there! Psychological horror is always better. I love mind games, and I prefer it when there is something more to see than some silly looking monster, because that is invariably where one loses me.


  1. I actually found this online one day and felt like watching a new horror that I hadn’t heard of…I literally watched this out of *choice*..HUGE mistake haha I wish I had read a review like this before I watched the whole thing. I think my consensus was shit acting, poor story but not quite bad enough to make you switch off before the end…I have seen worse, but it was still a big waste of time


    • Why do we make such bad decisions?! Hahaha. It was so bad, but not the awful to turn off before hand, because you actually just want to know what happens by the end of it all… and then you feel like you’ve been robbed.


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