Review: Static (2012)

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Author Jonathan Dade (Milo Ventigmiglia) and his wife Addie (Sarah Shahi) are trying to overcome the loss of their son Thomas (Oz Kalvan), who died in a drowning a few years previously. Their marriage is suffering some extreme strain, and they are battling to find a way to make it work. Addie is bitter and resentful towards her husband and holds him accountable for the death of her son. Upon completing his latest book, he wishes to celebrate with Addie. They argue and they love each other, seeking comfort in one another. In the middle of the night though, a stranger is incessantly banging on their door, trying desperately to get in, to get away for something.

Jonathan lets a young woman named Rachel (Sara Paxton) into the house, who is plainly terrified. She ran her car off the road and there were people there. Someone is chasing her, and they seem to be hunting her. Attempting to call 911, Jonathan realizes that the signal in their out-of-the-way country home is just not going to be good enough, and offers to set out and check out the premises. His wife is panicked to be left alone in the house with a stranger, and Rachel is terrified that Jonathan will be attacked. While he is out and searching, he finds Rachel’s car on the side of the road with a spike strip through the tires. Her accident was not unintentional, and is incredibly deliberate. He senses that there is a problem, and that he needs to return to his wife and Rachel.

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Addie soon learns that Rachel is a fan of Jonathan’s, and is instantaneously suspicious that they have let a nutter into the house, someone who will cause them harm in their fanatical state. Rachel avidly asks after Thomas, and Addie fights to keep her son private. In a little scuffle between the two women, Rachel is wounded and Jonathan rushes to attend to her, leaving Addie very angry about the whole situation. Soon Rachel has Jonathan sharing his deepest, darkest and most painful feelings with Rachel, and Addie will have none of it. Before they know what to do, however, the people that were chasing Rachel close in on the house, and very soon their attack becomes a siege on the home. Rachel is taken almost immediately, and Jonathan and Addie are looking for a way desperately to escape from the madness.

Will the couple be able to escape the lunacy that has descended upon them? What do these masked strangers want from them, and what are they willing to do to get it? Where have they taken Rachel, and why were they after her? Is this a simple case of fans losing their marbles and going crazy, or is something more sinister at play that Jonathan and Addie are unaware of? Is this a random home invasion or is it targeted and specific? Who will help them in their dire time of need?

GRADE 5.5This film started off not really knowing where it wanted to go and continued in the same vein for the duration of it. However, I just want to make mention that the end is nice seeing as it finally sheds some light and ties things together, though it does not make up for everything else or save the time that I used watching this movie. On the other hand, it is great for a filler film between movies, or something you just want to play in the background seeing as it does not have an abundantly strong storyline to it at all. There were no real thrilling moments and nothing to even suggest a jump scare. At times, everything was just too inexplicable, though it makes sense later. The explanation (though it ties everything together nicely) is also just not satisfactory enough seeing as there are still plenty plot holes between things and a lot that did not make sense (if the ending explained the body, there was a lot that made it look like the ending was there for shock value, but didn’t successfully tie in a lot of the things that happened). The acting was decent but nothing phenomenal and the camerawork was alright for what the film was. As I said, not bad, it is just it took two wholly different concepts and had no idea which one it actually wanted to be.

16 thoughts on “Review: Static (2012)

  1. Dearest Dearest JB,

    It seems I liked this more than you did BUT I also think I viewed it coming off of some sort of bullshit like Mad Cowgirl so my perception might have been clouded and seeing something that wasn’t miserable bullshit made me happy. Either way, sounds like you didn’t hate it!




    • My Kindest PSC,

      I really liked the end, and the movie was also really great, they just didn’t really match up together so well (it’s like two different stories got mashed up), which was a pity. It had potential.

      No, definitely didn’t hate it, and I do recall you coming off of some awful bullshit.




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